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2018-09-06 04:28:31 UTC  

they were a kangaroo court

2018-09-06 04:28:39 UTC  

Oh good at least we agree on sometime.

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everybody agrees on that

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Good to find common gorund

2018-09-06 04:28:50 UTC  

nobody defends Nuremberg as a legitimate court

2018-09-06 04:28:56 UTC  

Hm I'm not so sure about that statement.

2018-09-06 04:29:11 UTC  

Plenty of people think the Germans were evil because they lap up poor propaganda like it's milk.

2018-09-06 04:29:27 UTC  

And they use w/e they can to demonize them. Even though Germany was only free under Hitler.

2018-09-06 04:29:29 UTC  

Germans did evil things regardless of whether Nuremberg was a fair trial or not

2018-09-06 04:29:35 UTC  

Germany was not free under Hitler

2018-09-06 04:29:39 UTC  

People's Court was not freedom

2018-09-06 04:29:43 UTC  

At least the Germans didn't crawl on their belly or their knees like it has done since the demise of Adolf Hitler.

2018-09-06 04:29:44 UTC  

Aktion T4 was not freedom

2018-09-06 04:30:02 UTC  

And the German people were so happy and rich. It's a shame we destroyed that and most of the rest of civilization with bombs.

2018-09-06 04:30:05 UTC  

the RCC having to smuggle in anti-regime ideas was not freedom

2018-09-06 04:30:12 UTC  

Rest in peace to all the 60 million mostly all Europeans dead from WWII.

2018-09-06 04:30:16 UTC  

Germany started the bombings

2018-09-06 04:30:19 UTC  

they bombed Rotterdam

2018-09-06 04:30:23 UTC  

demolished it

2018-09-06 04:30:27 UTC  

But hey, at least we this clownworld we get to live in ;D

2018-09-06 04:30:36 UTC  

While we're turning the middle east into ashes.

2018-09-06 04:30:44 UTC  

all of you cry for Dresden, none of you remember how the Germans destroyed Rotterdam and demolished the entire city of Warsaw

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2018-09-06 04:31:01 UTC  

after the Warsaw Rising the Germans demolished the entire city

2018-09-06 04:31:07 UTC  

The UK started the terror bombing. The USA and Germany and many others terror bombed.

2018-09-06 04:31:10 UTC  

It's just a fact,

2018-09-06 04:31:14 UTC  

I'm not exaggerating that

2018-09-06 04:31:17 UTC  

85% of the city was demolished

2018-09-06 04:31:20 UTC  

UK did not start the bombing

2018-09-06 04:31:23 UTC  

Germany bombed Rotterdam first

2018-09-06 04:31:48 UTC  

they also invaded Poland despite knowing the Allies would intervene if they did so

2018-09-06 04:31:59 UTC  

Didn't the Allies give away German land?

2018-09-06 04:32:02 UTC  

they annexed Polish majority lands, so don't give me the "they just wanted to unify ethnic Germans" argument

2018-09-06 04:32:07 UTC  

I also know that Germans were being ethnically cleansed in Poland.

2018-09-06 04:32:10 UTC  

they were not

2018-09-06 04:32:11 UTC  

Completely justified.,

2018-09-06 04:32:15 UTC  

Bloody Sunday happened after the start of the war

2018-09-06 04:32:19 UTC  

you have the dates reversed

2018-09-06 04:32:24 UTC  

Poland got exactly what they knew they were going to get.