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2018-10-05 03:38:21 UTC  

hes following the trend my other friends have

2018-10-05 03:38:21 UTC  

They’re the worst of society and I hope they change

2018-10-05 03:38:26 UTC  

all of American politics is a ploy

2018-10-05 03:38:27 UTC  


2018-10-05 03:38:29 UTC  

they think oding and dying is worth the high

2018-10-05 03:38:33 UTC  


2018-10-05 03:38:35 UTC

2018-10-05 03:38:35 UTC  

hes the only one of my highschool buddies still walking

2018-10-05 03:38:38 UTC  

i dont give a fuck anymore

2018-10-05 03:38:41 UTC  

im over it

2018-10-05 03:38:53 UTC  

yep i see where you're coming from

2018-10-05 03:39:01 UTC  

Doug rocks

2018-10-05 03:39:54 UTC

2018-10-05 03:40:01 UTC  

I wish that the USA wasn’t being flooded with addictive substances and being encouraged by the media to abuse them

2018-10-05 03:40:05 UTC  

Ford made $700,000 for fabricating a story (or falsely attributing it to a successful man.)

2018-10-05 03:40:23 UTC  

Yeah. People just seem to need them

2018-10-05 03:40:26 UTC  

@TradChad opioid epidemic is tragic man

2018-10-05 03:40:28 UTC  


2018-10-05 03:40:47 UTC  

They want to ditch opiates, but apparently psychedelics will cure your depression.

2018-10-05 03:40:53 UTC  

Its all a load of shit

2018-10-05 03:40:55 UTC  

Fentanyl is a Biological Weapon and should be treated as such.

2018-10-05 03:41:30 UTC  

fentanyl is honestly peoples fault more than anything

2018-10-05 03:41:31 UTC  

I wonder what would happen if you put fentanyl up your ass?

2018-10-05 03:41:34 UTC  


2018-10-05 03:41:44 UTC  

like, i know people who oded on fent, but they knew what it is

2018-10-05 03:41:47 UTC

2018-10-05 03:41:48 UTC  

You die

2018-10-05 03:41:49 UTC  

people do it because its cheap as fuck

2018-10-05 03:42:14 UTC  

@/pol/tard Jesus Christ why

2018-10-05 03:42:14 UTC  

Did anybody heard about the Lord, savior anr next Brazilian president Jair the Mith Bolsonaro?

2018-10-05 03:42:15 UTC  

the media pushing this whole stamping bullshit

2018-10-05 03:42:18 UTC  

drug dealers dont do that

2018-10-05 03:42:27 UTC  

@Faellz Lmao

2018-10-05 03:42:29 UTC  

drug dealers dont fuck with their business like that

2018-10-05 03:42:32 UTC  

thats how they get customers

2018-10-05 03:42:38 UTC  

guys fortnite dude

2018-10-05 03:42:38 UTC  

they dont want to kill them i promise

2018-10-05 03:42:39 UTC  

Someone should put fentanyl up their ass on Livestream so I can see what happens

2018-10-05 03:43:03 UTC  

Who was the brainlet who called fentanyl a biological weapon

2018-10-05 03:43:10 UTC  

I woke up next to a girl choking on her vomit once because she ODd on fent.