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by that evidence so are jews

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idk vril

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and asians etc

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yeah but blacks are the easiest to demonstrate

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variation is sufficient

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the fst value is pretty crazy

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so under your theology, why did the creator of the universe choose a demonic race to be "his people"

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if you are saying they are demonic

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the largest FST value between humans discovered has been 0.4573

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do not listen to the scientists. the deep state uses science to mind-control the masses <:PepeIntrastain:482328467829030961>

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im not a big theology guy and my knowledge in that area is very lacking

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so im not gonna comment on it

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fair enough

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i know basic shit but not enough

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I’m hindu

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What’s a god

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are you indian

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I msotly just bant the Christians on here. I don't really hate Christianity or want it to go away. As long as they don't use it to justify cuckoldry doesn't bother me.

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I believe in the all mighty mc little savage

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well my thought is that even if Christianity never rose to power in europe we would still be cucked

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Not some fucking myth that people made up just to explain the world cause they couldn’t

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lil pump

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@☦ Slouch ☦ ya probably, white people while noble in a lot of ways can be really naive

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I hate when trolls mass downvote/report and collapse the voices against them

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I think adopting a foreigner religion is part of that naivety

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I think all gods are fake science is the real deal

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Now god is a big role

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Some people do love to praise him

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But I feel he’s not really

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Science is but a very convincing lie

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So who likes my argument

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Ultimate <:FeelsFedora:356316725865611264>

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I know it’s breathe taking