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2019-04-13 12:16:11 UTC  

Ok then

2019-04-13 12:16:21 UTC  

Funny the vaccines seem to cause outbreaks

2019-04-13 12:16:52 UTC  

Anti vax people

2019-04-13 12:16:52 UTC  

@Human Sheeple I was surrounded by measles patients yesterday if i get measles i believe you

2019-04-13 12:17:20 UTC  

Hospitals are spreading diseases, the very place that's supposed to cure you

2019-04-13 12:17:34 UTC  

I live in England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 not the us

2019-04-13 12:18:01 UTC  

Fully vaccinated group contracts measles

2019-04-13 12:18:13 UTC  

Again I'll tell you if I get measles

2019-04-13 12:18:16 UTC  

@Hamburger Guy The vaccines do not protect you, do you want to know why?

2019-04-13 12:18:31 UTC  

I was eating and rubbing my eyes constantly

2019-04-13 12:18:43 UTC  

It would be 100% the vaccine preventing me

2019-04-13 12:18:47 UTC  

It's because pharmaceutical giants put profits first, there's no money in curing people.

2019-04-13 12:19:06 UTC  

I’m falling asleep 💤

2019-04-13 12:19:09 UTC  

That's not true there's tons of money in treatments

2019-04-13 12:19:15 UTC  

You're under the delusion vaccines protect you from "preventable diseases"

2019-04-13 12:19:16 UTC  

Joking 🙃

2019-04-13 12:19:19 UTC  

Just think of how much iron lungs cost

2019-04-13 12:19:36 UTC  

Don’t care

2019-04-13 12:19:45 UTC  

They are losing potential profit in giving me a polio vaccine

2019-04-13 12:19:47 UTC  

Treating symptoms whilst faliing to eradicate the cause, the disease is the pinnacle of what pharma is all about. Did you hear about Doctor Sebi?

2019-04-13 12:20:00 UTC  

as a person of human rights im declare that im human

2019-04-13 12:20:26 UTC  

Dr Sebi found a cure for AIDS, they took him to court under fraud charges, he brought all his patients into court and WON THE CASE.

2019-04-13 12:20:30 UTC  

Diana was 100% murdered

2019-04-13 12:20:53 UTC  

This is conspiracy now not flat earth🤣

2019-04-13 12:20:54 UTC  

@Gaspardieu Are you referring to Diana Spencer?

2019-04-13 12:20:58 UTC  


2019-04-13 12:21:03 UTC  

@Mandem This is a conspiracy server

2019-04-13 12:21:11 UTC  

We're nto 24/7, we openly embrace ALL conspiracy

2019-04-13 12:21:13 UTC  

Ah that’s why

2019-04-13 12:21:24 UTC  

@Gaspardieu What makes you think she was?

2019-04-13 12:21:38 UTC  

Afternoon all

2019-04-13 12:21:50 UTC  

driver didnt appear drunk, security cameras switched off, she was pregnant, she wrote to her lawyer saying she would be killed

2019-04-13 12:21:51 UTC  

Look guys a conspiracy in the making

2019-04-13 12:22:04 UTC  

Australia is real

2019-04-13 12:22:27 UTC  

I could believe that

2019-04-13 12:22:30 UTC  

But by who

2019-04-13 12:22:37 UTC