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2017-01-01 11:21:46 UTC  

Tomo-Sama? 😉

2017-01-01 11:31:20 UTC  

@nrg can you describe what it is about?

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2017-01-01 11:32:53 UTC  

"Has anybody read Tomo-chan" this

2017-01-01 11:33:40 UTC  

Oh yeah it's about this girl who tries to date her best friend but everytime she tries she fails mostly due to bad advice

2017-01-01 11:33:55 UTC  

but also because her best friend doesn't see her as a girl

2017-01-01 11:34:11 UTC  

I bookmarked an anime last night.

2017-01-01 11:34:15 UTC  

because they talk to eachother like guys, they are pretty much physically fit

2017-01-01 11:34:22 UTC  

The description was as follows:

2017-01-01 11:34:32 UTC  

Tomo-chan is stronger than him

2017-01-01 11:34:37 UTC  

`Yamada, first name withheld, is a 15-year-old girl who has just entered Takizawa High School. Easily considered exceptionally beautiful, she has only one problem with her own body, she thinks her vagina looks weird and is very self-conscious about it.

Upon entering high school, her dream was to have casual sex with 100 men but therein lies the problem, she believes an experienced partner will tease her about the way her vagina looks or simply the fact that she's a virgin. She stumbles upon the solution in the form of Kosuda Takashi, a fellow virgin, whom she believes will help ease the transition to more experienced partners.

There's only one small problem, Yamada doesn't know anything about sex or the ancient art of seduction, meaning her quest to conquer Kosuda will be a difficult one.`

2017-01-01 11:35:13 UTC  

And no matter how hard Tomo-chan tries her crush doesn't her like a girl at all and just treats her like a guy

2017-01-01 11:35:43 UTC  

it's cute so to speak recently I think the new chapter showed him having a weird feeling about her

2017-01-01 11:35:48 UTC  

Yes that's it

2017-01-01 11:35:56 UTC  

it's not finished?

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2017-01-01 11:36:11 UTC  

which sucks

2017-01-01 11:36:37 UTC  

How long do you reckon it still has?

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2017-01-01 11:36:55 UTC  

Hasn't updated in a while

2017-01-01 11:37:57 UTC  

I heard its on hiatus

2017-01-01 11:38:21 UTC  

Like every other fucking manga

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2017-01-01 11:40:10 UTC  

I'd read it but I'd probably just end up impatient, I'll try to remember it at a later date

2017-01-01 11:40:33 UTC  

like Vagabond

2017-01-01 11:40:40 UTC  

Please Inoue

2017-01-01 11:40:44 UTC  

don't do this to me

2017-01-01 11:40:53 UTC  

you're 90% finished

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Finish it off

2017-01-01 11:41:10 UTC  

Or finish me

2017-01-01 11:41:12 UTC  

Your choice

2017-01-01 11:41:38 UTC  

I'd rather have somone finish me off

2017-01-01 11:41:58 UTC  

Finish me off so I can be with my fantasy bf i just created in AN NSFW

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2017-01-01 11:42:33 UTC  

No fuck off hes mine

2017-01-01 11:42:49 UTC  

Fuck off

2017-01-01 11:43:01 UTC  

Fight me

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