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2017-03-19 02:46:31 UTC  

The MGSV gamescom trailer was pretty bland, trailers aren't really Konami's strong suit

2017-03-19 02:46:31 UTC  

still there was a couple of events where they went totally missing

2017-03-19 02:47:21 UTC  

_Channel appears_

2017-03-19 02:47:22 UTC  

which MGSV gamescom trailer ? @ya boi

2017-03-19 02:48:35 UTC  

I still remeber the outrage at the MGS3 HD Pachinko machine video

2017-03-19 02:48:43 UTC  

oh yeah that one

2017-03-19 02:48:48 UTC  

totally forgetable...

2017-03-19 02:49:14 UTC  

It's just so generic

2017-03-19 02:49:14 UTC  

_Complete Legacy for PC/PS4/X1_

2017-03-19 02:49:18 UTC  

Unless you're a part of NBGO, then you have that trailer shoved down your throat all the time.

2017-03-19 02:49:38 UTC  

well the pachislot of MGS3 was fine if they didn't shit on the whole serie

2017-03-19 02:49:41 UTC  

Along with the rest of MGSV's trailers.

2017-03-19 02:50:10 UTC  

Altus is doing pachinko for Personna too, but you don't see an uproar about it because they don't shit on their license like konami

2017-03-19 02:50:21 UTC  

They actually made a good new game though

2017-03-19 02:50:32 UTC  

They know what the fans want

2017-03-19 02:51:01 UTC  

It's like the Metroid Prime Federation Force deal

2017-03-19 02:51:02 UTC  

which one ? Winning Eleven ? Bomberman for the switch ? lol

2017-03-19 02:51:31 UTC  

I meant fatlus

2017-03-19 02:51:38 UTC  

The problem isn't specifically the fact they whore'd their game to casino booths

2017-03-19 02:51:39 UTC  

oh altus

2017-03-19 02:51:41 UTC  


2017-03-19 02:51:50 UTC  

They did nothing for the 25th anniversary

2017-03-19 02:52:10 UTC  

That reminds me, any news on the new SMT game announced a couple months back during Nintendo's Switch conference?

2017-03-19 02:52:15 UTC  

MGS3 pachinslot was allright... Silent Hill though...

2017-03-19 02:52:21 UTC  

It's that they're doing it after Kojima was kicked out, we're getting an uninspired zombie 4 player coop shooter, and generally no sign of hope for the series in general

2017-03-19 02:52:25 UTC  

That is the issue

2017-03-19 02:52:28 UTC  

just after the official cancellation of Silent Hills...

2017-03-19 02:52:34 UTC  

That too

2017-03-19 02:52:49 UTC  

If Kojima was never axed and nothing bad happened, nobody would give a fuck about Pachinko Eater

2017-03-19 02:53:11 UTC  
2017-03-19 02:53:28 UTC  

I'm 100% sold

2017-03-19 02:53:34 UTC  

Good decisions Konami

2017-03-19 02:53:56 UTC  

if you want an inverse of the situation

2017-03-19 02:53:59 UTC  

the 509 likes are from konami's employees lol

2017-03-19 02:54:00 UTC  

look at Sega and Sonic

2017-03-19 02:54:34 UTC  

people aren't as bothered by Sonic Forces' very dull look because we have Sonic Mania

2017-03-19 02:54:44 UTC  

Sonic Mania?

2017-03-19 02:54:44 UTC  

not to say that people still aren't worried, they are

2017-03-19 02:54:56 UTC  

but it's a skeptical fear, not outright anger