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Whats wrong with that?

2017-07-02 04:10:58 UTC  

Have you seen the pic of him with cum on his face?

2017-07-02 04:11:11 UTC  

No and I dont have an interest

2017-07-02 04:11:22 UTC  

I couldn't give a shit what rating he gave breath of the wild

2017-07-02 04:11:34 UTC  

It happened one time probably and you seem to note it as apparently a huge detail

2017-07-02 04:11:55 UTC  

He gave a lower rating and acted snarky about it for attention. It showed up in my feed and I didn't care

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2017-07-02 04:12:05 UTC  

I just dismissed that shit

2017-07-02 04:12:15 UTC  

Or maybe he didnt like the game?????????

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He takes his shirt off and jokes that he's fat. He's an Amy Schumer teir attention seeker

2017-07-02 04:12:52 UTC  

Another Boogie, if you will.

2017-07-02 04:12:53 UTC  

Ok???? Never seen him do that but aight

2017-07-02 04:13:04 UTC  

How long have you been watching him?

2017-07-02 04:13:12 UTC  

A year

2017-07-02 04:13:29 UTC  

Mostly The Jimquisition series

2017-07-02 04:13:43 UTC  

See, I used to think he was good too. He tries to do things differently... But in reality he's just an autist

2017-07-02 04:13:47 UTC  

Because thats arguably the best series he has

2017-07-02 04:14:02 UTC  

Ya and whys that?

2017-07-02 04:14:23 UTC  

Why what?

2017-07-02 04:15:04 UTC  

Why is his content shit to you that you need to go off on a rant about "REEEEEEEE DONT POST HIS VIDEOS HERE"

2017-07-02 04:15:06 UTC  

Anyone who tweets a photo of themselves with cum all over their face, just to spite a videogame developer and garner attention is an autist in my book.

2017-07-02 04:15:37 UTC  

Ya a post on twitter no one has seen apparently

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2017-07-02 04:15:57 UTC  

You can find it yourself pretty easily

2017-07-02 04:16:04 UTC  

I dont care

2017-07-02 04:16:07 UTC  

I'm not posting that gay shit

2017-07-02 04:16:13 UTC  

And its irrelevant

2017-07-02 04:16:29 UTC  

Has NOTHING to do with his yt content

2017-07-02 04:16:32 UTC  

It really puts it all into perspective for me.

2017-07-02 04:16:38 UTC  

Youtube does not equal twitter

2017-07-02 04:16:49 UTC  

Maybe you should learn to ease up a little.

2017-07-02 04:17:02 UTC  

There's plenty of good YouTubers.

2017-07-02 04:17:12 UTC  

Ok????? I know

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2017-07-02 04:17:25 UTC  

All those memes he tries to make on his own... Like the boglin shit

2017-07-02 04:17:54 UTC  

How long has it been since the last boglin video...