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PC, PS4 and when the Switch is worth it, I may get that

I haven't encountered any, lol

I'm not that good.

I'm just doing all the side ops

It's bullshit

I saw an image of Snake Eater Remastered

Somebody out there is good at making fake leaks

Reminder that Konami will never be the company you want it to be.

Slim consoles.... Inb4 plus size models start getting recognition

Limited time, you can pick up a free copy of the game, yes.

How the fuck can you customise silicon?!

I customised my steel beams

You can customise a chip, you can't customise silicon

For kay gaming matters because they want to make a new gimmick to cash milk with. They want to make the normies think that for kay is the must have thing right now, when it's not.

When have console players ever really cared about resolution? I never have.

Depression memes xd

Don't take young popular Australian media seriously.

Do people do that here?

I'll do it if you do it too

Idk, I never go first though

$74 Vs $9


Because Tumblr fags don't understand English.


Can't unsee this XD XD


This is how Tumblr fags talk, they think it's a normal thing.

If I acted like a kid, would I get touched too?

2017-06-21 15:39:54 UTC [Outer Heaven #auto]  

Is that a car for picking up disabled QTs?

Yeah baby, crash bandicoot

It's good.

Anyone that says it's too hard is a fucking casual

None of it has been too hard yet.

Crash Bash, that's what "Too hard" really is.

Crash Bash singleplayer gets to a point where the AI is fucked

Crash Bash pinball game mode is too much for me. But yeah, you're right.

People bitching about the Crash remake are just impatient and bad.

Yeah, it's awful

Lazy town was good.

Why the fuck would you ever link Jim Sterling? He's litterally a cuck. Not even a meme that he's a cuck, he's a real life cuck.

Hmm, you want me to endure it?

I watched it... "Tee hee satire"

I hardly see a difference between this and his regular content. Jim "Tweets a photo of cum on his own face" Sterling.

Honestly, he only got popular because he was riding off the success of the Escapist.
After that, he only had his Steam Greenlight series. Anyone can make fun of Steam Greenlight. Most of the time he doesn't even roast it, he just talks about how is Dungeons and Dragons is going.

The success of The Escapist, being mostly Yahtzee's videos.

Damn it Huey

You actually would tweet that?

Have you seen the pic of him with cum on his face?

I couldn't give a shit what rating he gave breath of the wild

He gave a lower rating and acted snarky about it for attention. It showed up in my feed and I didn't care

I just dismissed that shit

He takes his shirt off and jokes that he's fat. He's an Amy Schumer teir attention seeker

Another Boogie, if you will.

How long have you been watching him?

See, I used to think he was good too. He tries to do things differently... But in reality he's just an autist

Why what?

Anyone who tweets a photo of themselves with cum all over their face, just to spite a videogame developer and garner attention is an autist in my book.

You can find it yourself pretty easily

I'm not posting that gay shit

It really puts it all into perspective for me.

There's plenty of good YouTubers.

All those memes he tries to make on his own... Like the boglin shit

He's just the kind of person where you can't tell if he's being retarded on purpose or not.

The "Thank god for me" ironic meme and the fact that people actually repeat that

He says it every video

Because whenever I look at his face I think of how much of a degenerate he is.

He's a cuck

I'd rather watch people I have respect for.

You seem a little salty over this

Both of us tbh

It's a real back and forth we have here tbh

You fucking tweeted my message and you're calling me "drum beating"

Who does that? I've never seen that happen.


Go tweet about it, lmao

I stated several reasons, primarily because I don't have any respect for him when he tries to act professional.

Subjectively, sure

>Tweets my message to get the rest of the fanbase mad at me

I don't care about anything Sterling is or does. Why would he care about me? It's not how the world works.

Wow, that's a cool image


Huh?! What was that noise?


....It's just a box...



Russia, Yes!

Russia bans autism breeding grounds, world is shocked.

Seriously though, all it takes is one of these fucking spinners to distract an entire room of people because of the sound it makes.


"You and everyone else around you are distacted by me making a loud wooshing noise in an otherwise dead silent room? Wow you must be autistic"

Mass effect Andromeda was so bad, Bioware's Montreal studio was absorbed by EA's Battlefront 2 studio.

It was merely a summary for any retards who can't read.

You could download emulators for free that genuinely work quite well, or you can pay top dollar for a small little emulator box with only a select few amount of games.
Thanks Nintendo

🀘 βš™ -- 🐍 🍴

Metal Gear -- Snake Eater

2017-08-23 08:27:14 UTC [Outer Heaven #auto]  


2017-08-23 08:27:45 UTC [Outer Heaven #auto]  

Anyone get me some info on this one?

Free copy of this game today on Steam ^

I beat Metal Gear Solid 1 last night... Going to play though 2 when I'm not busy

Crossfit is fucking good, holy shit

An interesting read

⚫ πŸ‘

Metal Gear?!

"beLIEve me"



Metal Gear RIPolid

I want a Nintendo Switch release.
That'd be cool.
Also legitimate PC ports on Steam would be a god send. Even for MGSV I feel the need to use a controller though

It feels like for MGSV Steam, they didn't even really plan keyboard and mouse movement. It just feels really wrong until you plug a controller in.

Watching Mr Robot

Every single Smash Bros character ever is back in Smash Bros Ultimate including Snake.
65 characters announced.

Can't believe kojimbles found this drunk guy to voice act for venom snake, lmao

old game good, new game bad

So there's 15 unannounced games for this thing.

If they put Metal Gear Solid, Crash Team Racing and Spiderman 1 or 2, I might start considering it.

Hi, I've been listening to James Bond audiobooks.
I'm up to Diamonds are forever.
What up?

Reading Casino Royale and then watching the movie to see the differences is interesting.
The book is about a lad who owes money to the cold war commies and the movie is about a lad who owes money to African terrorists.

Bond seems a lot more depressing in the books too


The reason in the books for the fancy cars, suits and watches is because he figures he's going to die in his job, so he wants to leave as little behind as he can.

The reason in the movies is... Probably just product placement, lmao

Revive tech channel.
Kino channel.

That scram game looks shit.
Looks like a bootleg chink CoD game.

More Death Stranding ^

Cities Skylines is kinda shit imo

It feels like it should run a lot better than it does and I'm just not a fan of the game itself tbh

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