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cnn can't handle the truth or a guest not following their bullshit narrative on the air, cut her off right quick, the host looked like she sharted on herself

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SIG PTG alliance when

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Nice weather today

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Vampire trump for future vampire space president.

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Which means he has to lose in 2020

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@ikillu she didn't get cut off though, I guess maybe they just ended the segment early??

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>White names

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ok br*wn name

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Instead of being individually directed by a human controller, the basic idea of a drone swarm is that its machines are able to make decisions among themselves. So far the technology has been at an experimental stage, but it is edging closer to becoming a reality.

Swarms come in different shapes and sizes. The US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), for example, has been working on a programme dubbed Gremlins; micro-drones the size and shape of missiles, designed to be dropped from planes and perform reconnaissance over vast areas.

On the other side of the spectrum is the larger XQ-58 Valkyrie drone, measuring almost 9m in length. It has been called a 'loyal wingman' for a human pilot - able to carry precision-guided bombs and surveillance equipment. It recently completed its first successful test flight, although the eventual aim is for it to work in a group alongside a manned fighter jet.

In either case, the biggest advantage of a 'swarm' is the ability of machines to work together in numbers. And when it comes to the battlefield, numbers matter.

"Swarming allows you to build large numbers of low-cost expendable agents that can be used to overwhelm an adversary," says Mr Scharre. "This reverses the long trend of rising aircraft costs and reducing quantities.

"And unlike having a large number of soldiers, robotic agents can coordinate on a scale that would be impossible for humans."

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just finished reading the manifesto

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truly powerful

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and i wholeheartedly agree

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i will be starting my own contribution to the fight soon, in every way that i can. i will start a group, i will train. i will be part of this if it fucking kills me

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i hope im not the only one.

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goodjob , no downvote

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>recruiting grounds

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what the fuck

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kind of delusional horseshit are they huffing

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this is exactly what christchurch shooter wanted.

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let them censor us.

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what comes next is far worse than censorship.

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they come to step on you
you stab the boot

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no step on snek

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look at all the commies in the replies

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this line has been drawn in the sand

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