Message from feeling gnawty in The Donald #general

2020-02-20 00:55:32 UTC  

idk how that works

2020-02-20 00:56:00 UTC  

but i doubt theyd find anything political in other servers

2020-02-20 00:56:35 UTC  

Just give server link to whatever server you talked protrump stuff in the past. And they can just look

2020-02-20 00:56:58 UTC  

this thumbnail has me in stitches

2020-02-20 00:57:32 UTC  

Ben "Wanna be a gay? No way!" Shapiro

2020-02-20 00:57:42 UTC  

stock man stock maga hat stock pride flag

2020-02-20 00:58:01 UTC  

@feeling gnawty but if your a Brit like me. Unvetted chat Polly best. They mostly talk about yank things in vetted. Like guns and shi

2020-02-20 00:58:13 UTC  

I only go there when they talking about beer

2020-02-20 00:58:15 UTC  


2020-02-20 00:58:25 UTC  

someone played john lennon's imagine at my school today and all i could think of was ben's stupid rant about the song

2020-02-20 00:58:34 UTC  

i have a small interest in guns but obviously know very little about them

2020-02-20 00:58:52 UTC  

Same. I found out how easy it is to get a gun license here

2020-02-20 00:58:55 UTC  


2020-02-20 00:59:10 UTC  

So going to get a gun license. So can shit on the yanksp

2020-02-20 00:59:12 UTC  

i watch this guy a lot

2020-02-20 00:59:23 UTC  

just a chilled feller

2020-02-20 01:00:29 UTC  

Licences is only about £100

2020-02-20 01:00:49 UTC  

So may as well get one <:trumplaugh:666855109644386314>

2020-02-20 01:03:15 UTC  

yeah but where can you use shotguns or firearms

2020-02-20 01:03:45 UTC  

ive not heard about any shooting ranges anywhere

2020-02-20 01:03:52 UTC  

and i dont own private land lol

2020-02-20 01:05:40 UTC  

There lots around

2020-02-20 01:05:51 UTC  

There 7 around Manchester

2020-02-20 01:06:17 UTC  

One in my town where I lived for years without knowing

2020-02-20 01:15:46 UTC  


2020-02-20 01:15:52 UTC  


2020-02-20 01:15:57 UTC  


2020-02-20 01:16:16 UTC  

Yo that sticky on the dom is fake news

2020-02-20 01:16:32 UTC  

About assange

2020-02-20 01:19:52 UTC  

I see no sticky about julian

2020-02-20 01:20:20 UTC  

Probably gone by now

2020-02-20 01:20:20 UTC  

But the donald also doesnt show up in my list of "communities" so

2020-02-20 01:20:27 UTC  

Fuck cuckit

2020-02-20 01:20:28 UTC  

Mods on t_d are usually quick about it

2020-02-20 01:21:01 UTC  


2020-02-20 01:21:09 UTC  


2020-02-20 01:21:09 UTC  

@SaltyPyrate what happened

2020-02-20 01:21:28 UTC  

I can't post in rally chat though

2020-02-20 01:21:53 UTC  

I think it was a comment from Assange regarding the 2016 leak source

2020-02-20 01:24:13 UTC  

@YungSkolKing @MAGAforever get vetted fegs look at pinned