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and so on

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You mean if the CIA would turn on the government

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arent cia a bunch of penpushers

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Pretty much

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why not transparent background

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There shouldn't be a white background, but at least it stands out better

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I made the bg transparent

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The main goal and big picture from what I've seen from the documents emailed to us through the dod system is that the end goal is to remove the party system and restore the original workings of the government. This includes the removal of said CIA FBI and other big agency influencers in government and also removal of certain politicians (usually the ones paid by corporations)

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There we go

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This is going to happen when theres massive civil unrest. which the military sees as coming sooner than most think

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hmmm, looked better with the white background

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its better now

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All right I'll keep it how it is

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here a massive whitepill

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@卐 Iron Eagle 卐 Is this a Q drop or something?

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er Texas*

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q drop?

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Okay nvm

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i dont know what q drop is

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I'm just letting you guys know what doing on within the MP CORE not sure if any others are getting this info or not in the ARMY.

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Good to know @卐 Iron Eagle 卐

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I've been worried about who's side the army would actually be on when the time comes

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basically the military is going to side with the civilians when unrest happens so they can take control of the governing powers and restore the original documents and goverment operating procedures

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Which civillians though?

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the ones that side with the military

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and can they be trusted?

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Is it gonna be like, boomer tier conservatives?

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or Antifas

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the military basically wants to restore the original plans of this country and laws

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Hmm, sounds like they'd want to side with Rockwellian natsocs then

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but whether or not they know that is a question

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pretty much removing all changes that happened during the 1940s and so on

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They're going to have quite a few immigrants to remove

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This is certainly a white pill.

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get 10k men, announce a coup