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2018-07-17 22:01:54 UTC  

You can still easily be both

2018-07-17 22:01:54 UTC  

Tony, see you on the news with your brains scattered. That's what'll happen if you're a legit threat.

2018-07-17 22:01:56 UTC  

The only way to fight is with bullets anymore

2018-07-17 22:02:19 UTC  

You could try the democracy road, but I'm telling ya now, it won't go anywhere

2018-07-17 22:02:22 UTC  

My brains will be scattered whether I run for an election or shoot up niggers

2018-07-17 22:02:28 UTC  


2018-07-17 22:02:39 UTC  

Only one way leads to dead niggers

2018-07-17 22:02:53 UTC  

@DJN are you a fag? Why do you care about how I use "gay"? Gay = Fucking Stupid in my eyes. Get over it.

2018-07-17 22:02:59 UTC  

@Epic Pardner *tips* Lets get the VC on

2018-07-17 22:03:04 UTC  

David Duke tried running for office

2018-07-17 22:03:16 UTC  

Duke is a fag

2018-07-17 22:03:17 UTC  

The entire national establishment jumped down his throat

2018-07-17 22:03:20 UTC  

And shut him down

2018-07-17 22:03:22 UTC  

If we don’t win elections cause they’re rigged, then the concentrated areas of radicalize whites will be used to storm the government and take over

2018-07-17 22:03:35 UTC  

His KKKK was more effective

2018-07-17 22:03:41 UTC  

Than his political career

2018-07-17 22:03:41 UTC  

Didn't he rat on his bros in the Klan

2018-07-17 22:03:44 UTC  


2018-07-17 22:03:57 UTC  

Which is why the KKKK is functionally dead

2018-07-17 22:04:04 UTC  

I’d rather live a day as a lion than a hundred years as a sheep

2018-07-17 22:04:05 UTC  

@Maxon you terminology suck cock wosre than you

2018-07-17 22:04:08 UTC  

Idc if I die

2018-07-17 22:04:12 UTC  

Fuck him, Fallout 3 character looking motherfucker.

2018-07-17 22:04:14 UTC  

I’m fighting for my race and my nation

2018-07-17 22:04:16 UTC  

Based Tom Metzger turned the kkkk in California into WAR

2018-07-17 22:04:23 UTC  

Before that happened

2018-07-17 22:04:25 UTC  

Without those things, I’m already a dead man

2018-07-17 22:04:52 UTC  

@DJN you get offended over how I use "gay" as an insult. Are you a faggot?

2018-07-17 22:05:13 UTC  

@Maxon why do you care? are you **the homosex** <:Varg:466634561707835402>

2018-07-17 22:05:30 UTC  

This nigger is the one getting uppity retard @Epic Pardner *tips*

2018-07-17 22:05:31 UTC  

you are the asshat calling people Fags and miss using ever word you can

2018-07-17 22:05:43 UTC  

^ see

2018-07-17 22:05:46 UTC  

@DJN @Maxon shhh childerin

2018-07-17 22:05:48 UTC  

This conversation turned gay

2018-07-17 22:06:01 UTC  

Like Duncan

2018-07-17 22:06:06 UTC  

<:NaziDab:467111450067075072> <:NaziDab:467111450067075072> <:NaziDab:467111450067075072> <:NaziDab:467111450067075072> <:NaziDab:467111450067075072>

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2018-07-17 22:06:34 UTC  

Gay means homosexual

2018-07-17 22:06:43 UTC  

It’s not the 1700s anymore

2018-07-17 22:06:56 UTC

2018-07-17 22:07:22 UTC  

I’ll be in VC in 15 minutes or so