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2018-07-18 06:53:47 UTC  

lol They finally kicked me out for telling the truth about the "refugees"

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"Nations whose feeling for nature dissipates because they destroy their homeland, carry the seeds of death in them; they only continue as a nation artificially. Nations with a strongly defined feeling for nature, like the Germans and the Slavs, overcome even the hardest blows and have an unlimited capacity for regeneration. Therefore a government that seeks to maintain the feeling for nature of its people is smart, and to that end no sacrifice is too large, no means too small, and everyone who helps with that serves his Völk." -- Hermann Löns, Popular Writer in Second Empire Germany

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Anyone wanna VC?

2018-07-18 10:04:09 UTC  

Off work.

2018-07-18 11:36:27 UTC  

Infowars is bitching about their site and breitbart being shut down for an hour when it was them cheerleading the end of net neutrality. There is no end to those shills.

2018-07-18 11:39:57 UTC  

Fuck Info-whores.

2018-07-18 11:49:23 UTC  

someone is spicy today

2018-07-18 11:50:20 UTC  

@Bävernäve On the bus again 😒😒😒

2018-07-18 11:50:30 UTC  

that sucks balls man

2018-07-18 11:51:55 UTC  

Yea 😩

2018-07-18 11:52:07 UTC  

But eh. I will be out eventually.

2018-07-18 11:52:19 UTC  

Plus I can take a long route home.

2018-07-18 12:23:22 UTC  

@Bävernäve Hey. Able to VC

2018-07-18 12:28:46 UTC  

@CC96 naah, later tho

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2018-07-18 14:05:25 UTC  

75 forest fires in Sweden currently ongoing

2018-07-18 14:05:41 UTC  

Lovely stuff

2018-07-18 14:10:37 UTC  

I hate niggers
I hate Jews
I hate gooks, spics and arabs too.

2018-07-18 14:10:45 UTC  

<:USA:467111210765254666> <:USA:467111210765254666> <:USA:467111210765254666>

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💪 <:Chad:467111201961279519> 👉 🇺🇸

2018-07-18 14:37:12 UTC  

@Mr. Navarone
oh look the forest is on fire, we better put it out whit a few of our waterbomber, ooooh darn we needed the money to import more money sucking non-white rapists and murderer.

2018-07-18 14:37:38 UTC  

@Maxon sounds reasonable

2018-07-18 14:37:43 UTC  

Strandhäll donated 3 billions to somalia

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2018-07-18 14:38:07 UTC  

The same day Dan Eliasson said we don't have the money to buy waterbombers

2018-07-18 14:38:17 UTC  

are you fucking..........
can someone hand me some bluepills

2018-07-18 14:38:24 UTC  

They said one waterbomber costs 100 million

2018-07-18 14:38:31 UTC  

They could have bought 30

2018-07-18 14:38:57 UTC  


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2018-07-18 14:39:32 UTC  

Hand me those quicksilver pills please

2018-07-18 14:39:35 UTC  

Just end me

2018-07-18 14:39:45 UTC  

I beg

2018-07-18 14:39:45 UTC  

quicksilver pills?

2018-07-18 14:40:03 UTC  

There are pills with quicksilver in them

2018-07-18 14:40:06 UTC  

Loaded with the stuff

2018-07-18 14:40:10 UTC  

Kills you fast

2018-07-18 14:40:16 UTC  

i don't think you will have a pleasant death.

2018-07-18 14:40:31 UTC  

It's a death