Message from Epic Pardner *tips* in NSL #general

2018-07-27 22:36:23 UTC  

@Gasser they try to look cool in prop and shit but are truly autists

2018-07-27 22:40:31 UTC  

what the fuck

2018-07-27 22:40:37 UTC  

why did they waste fake blood?

2018-07-27 22:47:29 UTC  

@Epic Pardner *tips* these folks are legit fucked in the head. That's real blood dude.

2018-07-27 22:48:37 UTC  

No its not

2018-07-27 22:48:52 UTC's not?

2018-07-27 22:48:54 UTC  

Real blood doesnt dry like that

2018-07-27 22:49:00 UTC  

It doesnt look that red

2018-07-27 22:49:42 UTC  

In RapeLash you see all these Faggots cutting themselves and shit. This doesn't too unlike them.

2018-07-27 22:51:28 UTC  

Real blood would get brown after a while

2018-07-27 22:51:42 UTC  

It does look like fresh blood tho

2018-07-27 22:51:43 UTC  


2018-07-27 22:51:53 UTC  

it's fake blood imo

2018-07-27 22:51:58 UTC  

I use fake blood a lot

2018-07-27 22:52:24 UTC  

I think it’s fake too

2018-07-27 22:52:52 UTC  

The stain at the bottom looks real

2018-07-27 22:53:17 UTC  

that's what happens when you use a brush to apply fake blood

2018-07-27 22:53:33 UTC  

I does look brushed

2018-07-27 22:53:35 UTC  

I've done this for costumes

2018-07-27 22:53:47 UTC  

Lol they brushed it on

2018-07-27 22:53:49 UTC  

the knife is perfectly clean

2018-07-27 22:54:04 UTC  

they smeared it, brushed it, and dripped it

2018-07-27 22:54:17 UTC  

It’s like debunking the Shoah

2018-07-27 22:54:21 UTC  

Yeah blood on metal

2018-07-27 22:54:24 UTC  

will pool together

2018-07-27 22:55:02 UTC  

The smear looks like it was from the sponge brushes with the wood handles

2018-07-27 22:56:45 UTC

2018-07-27 23:12:17 UTC  

Very good audio/visual presentation
it has a sadness to it but accurate

2018-07-27 23:24:24 UTC  

it's real blood

2018-07-27 23:24:54 UTC  

blood turns rusty red when on metal

2018-07-27 23:25:32 UTC  

from the minds of these great forensic experts.... HAHAHAHHA

2018-07-27 23:39:03 UTC  

It doesn’t look real to me

2018-07-27 23:41:33 UTC  

spics get a beat down

2018-07-27 23:50:52 UTC  

**He'll yeah amren borther hh**

2018-07-27 23:52:55 UTC  

@Epic Pardner *tips* weird how your personality sorta changed with your pfp. You were an insufferable fag with that Townsend one, and now you're a bearable le ironic memer.

2018-07-27 23:53:42 UTC  

@Maxon what the fuck do you mean mr mason

2018-07-27 23:54:04 UTC  

you're making me want to piss you off just because you complimented me

2018-07-27 23:54:09 UTC