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Which way white man?

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@DJN you back...

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Our greatest enemy are a world minority, one of the smallest, one who was booted out of places worldwide over 300 times throughout history, and now they have an ethnostate and they control most of the world. This idea that we can't get an ethnostate is bullshit, I'm not buying it.

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Unfortunity I can't do activism when I work 5-6 days for damn near 12 a day @Casper

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Every problem in this country is race related.

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That’s heavy shit man

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I respect that

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“People, rise up and let the storm break loose!”

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@DJN ok, but still do something

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We are brothers

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No matter your looks

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@Casper I am willing to help fellow Aryans in need and willing to share Arms

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I am saving money for property to work on

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There is always someone who has it worse than I do, helping each other is the national Socialist way

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Helping our people is the national Socialist way

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Hey @AllFather quick question: how long does it take to re-hydrate?

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Since I learned from a Medic guy I know that I am dehydrated.

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a bit

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That face looks shopped

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Dude, there was a story about a freaky ass creature found in a puddle near a research facility

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I can’t remember the whole thing

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I’ll look for it

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Anyone know about the montauk monster?

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Plum island

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Was the testing facility

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ZOGs science makes freaks of nature

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Lol incel problem

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@The GUNNY How big is the property are we talking