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We have to get our facts from jew/mainstream sources too

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Because those cannot be denied.

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We would need to be prepared for both obscure and common questions. It would make us look retarded if we stood there dumbfounded because that's all they need to embarrass us

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That's where watching Pat Little videos would come in, because occasionally he gets those sorts of questions, but he has a style that is capable of bending and shaping to the shape of the bowl.

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Dude's a master of the red pill

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Anything is better than what some of us would do, that is sit there dumbfounded

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We have to get a list of facts going, get accedemically inclined about it and whatnot

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I've been learning a lot that I can reuse by watching these vids

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Better than reading several-hour-long books and retaining only a small portion of information about them.

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I see that he is very often using a suggestion made by Rockwell, where he baits his hook differently for different fish.

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and it works out well

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With blacks he talks about the jew-owned slave trade and reparations paid for by Israel, with whites he talks about jewish overrepresentation in Harvard and other shit, etc..

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This would go well in Clown School.

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We should start taking the Rockwellian variable bait strategy seriously.

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btw, it's almost time for the meeting

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Yesterday was Rudolf Hess Birthday.

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@AllFather We gonna have that meeting?

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Yeah sorry work emergency

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@everyone VC

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8.4 Earthquake Fiji

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I'm gonna be late to it. Family and I spent day at the lake so we are just driving home now

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you need at least half a gallon a day

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I dont think thats taking into effect heavy activity

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copper seem to natural water purifiers

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