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2018-08-20 17:34:21 UTC  

They do achieve some sort of fascism.

2018-08-20 17:34:26 UTC  

hippy jew fascism*

2018-08-20 17:34:55 UTC  

Washington DC is a form of an organic state in the way it operates as a whole

2018-08-20 17:36:40 UTC  

Only issue is that it's incredibly jewish

2018-08-20 17:36:48 UTC  

We saw lots of jews in DC

2018-08-20 17:37:08 UTC  

I saw hooknoses like I've only ever seen in jew memes dude

2018-08-20 18:49:46 UTC  

@White Eagle is the flag brown or am I colorblind

2018-08-20 18:53:56 UTC  

its the light

2018-08-20 18:53:57 UTC  


2018-08-20 18:54:00 UTC  

its green and red

2018-08-20 18:58:17 UTC  

@Epic Pardner *tips* don't listen to @White Eagle, you're colorblind. I am an eye doctor and am so gifted in my field that I can diagnose people on text chat basis.

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2018-08-20 21:03:36 UTC  

my grandfather lost his job

2018-08-20 21:03:38 UTC  


2018-08-20 22:03:31 UTC  

Holy shit, a satanist hacked the PUBG discord server of over 9000 people, and put read siege by james mason as the chat names and nuked the whole thing after spamming his website

2018-08-20 22:03:41 UTC  

Why the fuck do satanists do this shit

2018-08-20 22:04:01 UTC  

They have the options of being productive and trolling gamers

2018-08-20 22:04:05 UTC  

and they troll gamers

2018-08-20 22:04:31 UTC  

Because theyre betas with too much free time?

2018-08-20 22:04:38 UTC  

well that's a given

2018-08-20 22:04:46 UTC  

but ffs

2018-08-20 22:05:37 UTC  

Its not especially hard to fuck around on shitty Discord

2018-08-20 22:05:45 UTC  

and they have a lot of free time

2018-08-20 22:06:01 UTC  

I thought I had a lot of free time until I saw this

2018-08-20 22:36:41 UTC  

the only decent thing this fucking puke has ever done

2018-08-20 22:40:46 UTC  

They are the lamest of lame

2018-08-20 22:41:23 UTC  

***bad things*** should happen to them

2018-08-20 22:41:47 UTC  

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2018-08-20 22:42:00 UTC  

2018-08-20 22:42:00 UTC  


2018-08-20 22:42:58 UTC  

2018-08-20 22:42:58 UTC  


2018-08-20 22:43:05 UTC  

August is indeed a good month to commemorate our honored dead. Not only Rockwell and Tommasi, but all of them.

2018-08-20 22:43:41 UTC  

Not cool of them to appropriate both figures in order to push an agenda

2018-08-20 22:44:19 UTC  

In white power, no one thinks that Rockwell nor Tommasi would have tolerated the bullshit that Mason pulled

2018-08-20 22:44:29 UTC  

he is not appropriating anything at all

2018-08-20 22:44:51 UTC  

My minds page has more reach and influence than james fucking charlie manson mason

2018-08-20 22:45:02 UTC  

@everyone be careful about what you post. I just got booted from discord and had to rejoin

2018-08-20 22:45:03 UTC  

The retards are appropriating the legacy of Rockwell and Tommasi