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2017-02-15 23:00:16 UTC  

Oh yeah, alcohol is like soda to Eastern Europeans.

2017-02-15 23:00:29 UTC  

and us german/czechs

2017-02-15 23:00:52 UTC  

it's in our blood, quite literally

2017-02-15 23:00:58 UTC  


2017-02-15 23:02:49 UTC  

You guys make the Irish look teetotal.

2017-02-15 23:03:20 UTC  

our people evolved with it. they did not.

2017-02-15 23:04:02 UTC  

That would explain their affinity for eating potatoes and potato-like products.

2017-02-15 23:05:05 UTC  

possibly. probably also explains why most people with ciliac are irish

2017-02-15 23:05:34 UTC  

The gluten-free thing?

2017-02-15 23:06:02 UTC  


2017-02-15 23:22:07 UTC  

you're not talking @Jossi ?

2017-02-15 23:28:08 UTC  

oh im in another channel right now. might pop on later

2017-02-15 23:28:28 UTC  

talking about black peopel in african and population change, i.e. over population

2017-02-15 23:28:50 UTC  

and why they are invading europe. i.e no fucking food down in subsaharan africa so they want europe to feed them

2017-02-15 23:28:54 UTC  

Lol @ when women march vs. when men march.

2017-02-15 23:30:40 UTC  

@Jossi Unofficial solution: build a gate or a moat around Europe that's near the Mediterranean Sea.

2017-02-15 23:31:09 UTC  

just shoot them

2017-02-15 23:31:27 UTC  

no one would try to do shit if the 1st boat was intentionally sunk

2017-02-15 23:31:38 UTC  

this is the humanitarian approach too

2017-02-15 23:31:43 UTC  

it may sound heretical, but building a wall is actually the bitch way out

2017-02-15 23:31:43 UTC  

because less ppl would die drowning

2017-02-15 23:31:47 UTC  

just hang them at the border

2017-02-15 23:31:54 UTC  

make a wall

2017-02-15 23:31:57 UTC  

but with their bodies

2017-02-15 23:32:04 UTC  

Interestingly, @Jossi a good point was brought up. If they're really so called "refugees" fleeing civil unrest, why not settle in any other number of countries that they pass through to get to places lke Germany? *Hint: Gibs*

2017-02-15 23:32:15 UTC  

of course

2017-02-15 23:32:22 UTC  

that's an obvious one

2017-02-15 23:32:44 UTC  

I thought it was obvious that they're overly melinanted cockroaches that don't belong in white nations?

2017-02-15 23:33:02 UTC  

This logic you can just throw back in their faces.

2017-02-15 23:33:37 UTC  


2017-02-15 23:34:10 UTC  

i like the corsican approach. put a decapitated black muslim on a flag

2017-02-15 23:34:17 UTC  

you know... just saying it's a warning

2017-02-15 23:34:28 UTC  


2017-02-15 23:34:34 UTC  

just...don't pain the dead muslim

2017-02-15 23:34:35 UTC  


2017-02-15 23:35:02 UTC  

Maybe people could hire legitimate neo supremacists to do what they always wanted to do to the Africans who are invading. It'll separate the devoted from the edgy youngsters.

2017-02-15 23:35:15 UTC  

or better yet, why not mix the corsican with a little romanian and put impaled refugees on poles on the beaches of greece and italy

2017-02-15 23:35:52 UTC  

torpedos are expensive. but i'm sure some decapitated somalians and nigerians on the wall would make people think twice and start paddling home

2017-02-15 23:36:24 UTC  

Wasn't blaeks on spikes once a thing?

2017-02-15 23:36:33 UTC  

Muslims perfected that I thought.

2017-02-15 23:36:36 UTC