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2019-03-13 18:56:55 UTC  

images on like potus achievments are permitted to spread far and wide?

2019-03-13 18:57:59 UTC  

I found one that I have locked and loaded. Waiting for the "OK" signal

2019-03-13 19:16:18 UTC  

Of course!

2019-03-13 19:16:48 UTC  

All the meme’s in this server are here for you to use! Fire away!

2019-03-13 19:17:40 UTC  


2019-03-13 19:18:40 UTC  

Thank you!
I just felt like I'd crashed the coolest party and I didn't want to inadvertently leave the door open and let the dogs out.

2019-03-13 19:18:56 UTC  

so just glad that I was able to comprehend Engrish as I had read it

2019-03-13 19:19:21 UTC  


2019-03-13 19:28:05 UTC  

<:pepoDIE:407708943821832205> <:coolpepe:540208855846748173>

2019-03-13 21:09:17 UTC  

@everyone if your not on “twitter” or your various social media platforms meme’n. Then your doing it wrong... this is the great meme war.. never to be forgotten.. social media blackout today.. keep pushing!! <a:PepeCopter:482694372228464650> <:pepoDIE:407708943821832205> <:PepeDetective:406618451457736704> <a:PepeRain:482694373121851413>

2019-03-13 21:09:59 UTC  
2019-03-13 21:10:03 UTC  

LOL you slave driver!
you didn't give us the "blood sweat and tears speech, Churchill!

2019-03-13 21:10:12 UTC  


2019-03-13 21:10:17 UTC  

@Harmony2.0 I saw that a couple min ago..

2019-03-13 21:10:20 UTC

2019-03-13 21:10:32 UTC  

Garbage all day

2019-03-13 21:10:43 UTC  

Okay! (:
Looks like a LOT is coming out now, especially regarding NXIVM! Its hard to keep up!

2019-03-13 21:11:46 UTC Feinstein talking about military tribunals

2019-03-13 21:12:01 UTC  


2019-03-13 21:13:13 UTC  

The harder we push the more mistakes “they” make..

2019-03-13 21:20:47 UTC

2019-03-13 21:21:54 UTC

2019-03-13 21:22:13 UTC  

What the heck does this mean ? ☝️☝️☝️☝️

2019-03-13 21:35:57 UTC  

oh! you were maybe sending direct tweets to many people?

2019-03-13 21:36:11 UTC  

I found it useful to piggy back off of a tweet someone just posted.

2019-03-13 21:39:47 UTC  
2019-03-13 21:40:36 UTC  

just a thought. I have no REAL idea.
I'm simply speculating as to what wild hare they got up their butt at twitter

2019-03-13 22:36:14 UTC  

Crazy msg from twit...looks like they only want us to reply “a little bit”. 🙄 some social network. I think they don’t want us going into depth with each other. Losers.

2019-03-13 22:57:05 UTC  
2019-03-13 22:57:13 UTC  

is being blocked by FAILbook

2019-03-13 22:57:33 UTC  

I tried posting it to facebook and it wouldn't go through

2019-03-13 22:57:50 UTC  

if I put #MAGA it failed

2019-03-13 22:57:56 UTC  

on failbook

2019-03-13 22:58:45 UTC  

the bastards are purposefully blocking DJT Jr's message and possibly blocking all #MAGA hash tags

2019-03-13 22:59:02 UTC  

I don't try to put MAGA in every little thing I share.

2019-03-13 22:59:19 UTC  
2019-03-13 22:59:30 UTC  

make them pay, Q+ !

2019-03-13 23:00:57 UTC  

so I stuffed up the link to his precise tweet?

2019-03-13 23:01:04 UTC  

why does that not surprise me

2019-03-13 23:01:50 UTC  

ok nevermind I got it right

2019-03-13 23:01:59 UTC  

it's been a really weird day today.