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2016-12-30 16:37:06 UTC  

I heard this

2016-12-30 16:37:10 UTC  

I spent a lot of time in Bulgaria

2016-12-30 16:37:11 UTC  

But outsiders cant really comprehend it

2016-12-30 16:37:21 UTC  

Because we have like gazillion of toponyms here that are purely slavic

2016-12-30 16:37:26 UTC  

names also

2016-12-30 16:37:27 UTC  

and it is easy to see 500 years of turkish ottoman rule htere

2016-12-30 16:37:30 UTC  

as well as customs

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2016-12-30 16:37:42 UTC  

they are Slavs

2016-12-30 16:37:44 UTC  

while you can surely adopt language, you cannot adopt every custom and every tradition

2016-12-30 16:37:54 UTC  


2016-12-30 16:38:09 UTC  

but to me it's as foolish as saying Ukrainans aren't slavs

2016-12-30 16:38:14 UTC  

Like all ancient slavic festivals here have been recycled to appear Christian

2016-12-30 16:38:27 UTC  

And Slavic toponyms are everywhere

2016-12-30 16:38:49 UTC  

Very close to me home is a hill called "Mogyla" which has thaht name for like hundreds years

2016-12-30 16:39:09 UTC  

since they minged with the early Turkik settlers

2016-12-30 16:39:10 UTC  

Bulgarian famous mountain is also called Pirin, which is their pronunciation of Perun

2016-12-30 16:39:44 UTC  


2016-12-30 16:39:48 UTC  

There are many misconceptions though

2016-12-30 16:40:00 UTC  

Procopius, 1400 year ago

2016-12-30 16:40:05 UTC  

where are you from in the Balkans?

2016-12-30 16:40:10 UTC  

Did not describe Balkan Slavs as blonde at all

2016-12-30 16:40:18 UTC  

But as "ginger" in appearance

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2016-12-30 16:41:17 UTC  

Same for Goths and like tribes

2016-12-30 16:41:56 UTC  

But obviously, at the time, Byzantium was not yet in established contact with Slavic people from northern lands, like Novgorod etc

2016-12-30 16:42:05 UTC  

Which are much more blonde in appearance

2016-12-30 16:42:58 UTC  

Fables we have here, like 90% of them are full of Slavic mythology

2016-12-30 16:45:37 UTC  

I used to debate these ideas a lot

2016-12-30 16:45:52 UTC  

but I think the term white applies to all native European peoples

2016-12-30 16:45:58 UTC  

and even can extend to Georgia

2016-12-30 16:46:15 UTC  

Chencens are white - probably whiter than Spaniards, Greeks, etc

2016-12-30 16:46:40 UTC  

There are many Whites among which unfortunately Islamic identity prevailed over racial

2016-12-30 16:46:49 UTC  

but since they are inbred mountain people who kill each other like goats, fuck them

2016-12-30 16:47:13 UTC  

I reject fucking Bosinans

2016-12-30 16:47:16 UTC  

they are Turks

2016-12-30 16:47:19 UTC  

Over here we have many of purely White people who are full Ottoman in ideolog

2016-12-30 16:48:20 UTC  

doesnt surpirse me

2016-12-30 16:48:23 UTC