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I mean if you went into a christian's stream and said the only good christian is a dead one you would probably get banned too @hamburgersareyummy1

The only time i have heard that "mantra" is in a video game @hamburgersareyummy1


?rank Social Democrat

?rank feminist

?rank Market Socialist

?rank progressive

?rank Newcomer

?rank newcomer

2019-08-05 01:16:40 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

whats up nerd

2019-08-13 06:22:24 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  


2019-10-03 02:59:32 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  


when conservitards make good memes



how do know my age? @Zach

2019-11-18 10:34:53 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  
2019-11-18 10:35:38 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

don't live in the states right now but im from cali

2019-11-18 10:36:31 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

why do i sound terrible? @towelspider9.0

2019-11-18 10:36:50 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

dm what?

2019-11-18 10:37:18 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

wtf are you talking about

2019-11-18 10:37:45 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  


2019-11-18 10:39:55 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

cali life

2019-11-18 10:40:59 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

who is this guy?

2019-11-18 10:41:43 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

bro youre posting cringe stop

2019-11-18 11:03:19 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  


2019-11-18 11:05:21 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

i didn't

2019-11-18 11:05:59 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

you know im not the only one that can delete comments right]

2019-11-18 11:33:15 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Huge loss for the market place of ideas @lifeisbeautiful

2019-11-25 06:50:25 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  


2019-11-25 07:06:45 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

im tryin them out

2019-11-25 07:06:56 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

think im gonna stick with this one

2019-11-25 07:39:38 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  


2019-11-26 02:59:06 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

lmao soyboy is the dumbest insult ever

2019-11-26 02:59:41 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

thanks for the manifesto @🌺Kaayylla🌼

2019-11-26 03:01:59 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

unironically the only good stonetoss comic

Bernie Sanders released a drug plan that includes the decriminalization of most narcotics in America. Is this a good idea?

2019-11-27 18:00:08 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  


2019-11-29 06:37:58 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

thanks bro

2019-12-02 01:48:41 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

not installed

2019-12-02 03:40:05 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

When you unironically use a steven crowder joke <:cringe:648619982271283230>

2019-12-02 03:43:47 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

All his jokes are cringe as fuck

2019-12-02 03:44:06 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Hes also like the dumbest grifter ever

2019-12-02 03:45:47 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

His political knowledge is dog shit and he grifts super hard. Hes a hack who is a failed comedian

2019-12-02 03:46:22 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Chowder lmao

2019-12-02 03:46:59 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

That doesnt mean hes good

2019-12-02 03:48:13 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

His knowledge boils down to " read first line of article" lmao @tony1

2019-12-02 03:48:45 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

He doesnt do debates

2019-12-02 03:49:00 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Cold feet crowder

2019-12-02 03:50:55 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Thats not debate that is talking to some unprepared dipshit college kid you found on the street @Jordan Philips Cockram

2019-12-02 03:52:43 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Yeah its not matched

2019-12-02 03:52:51 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Hes prepared they are not

2019-12-02 03:53:22 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

He doesnt do pro debates cause he would get his ass reamed

2019-12-02 03:54:12 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

No its not youre going against someone with a literal source book in front of them

2019-12-02 03:54:53 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Thats not an even match he goes for the super low hanging fruit cause there is no way he could keep up in a real debate

2019-12-02 03:55:44 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Its not a debate

2019-12-02 03:56:44 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

If it was ever good to start with lol

2019-12-02 03:57:56 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

It was never good

2019-12-02 03:59:19 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Grifting for death cult i see @waffleboycony

2019-12-02 04:00:28 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Literal grim reaper in the pic just saying @waffleboycony

2019-12-02 04:01:57 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Name one good crowder video that doesnt have cring in it

2019-12-02 04:02:27 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Nice ball grab bro

2019-12-02 04:03:18 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

No crowder is the objective def of cringe @Crazynomad

2019-12-02 04:03:36 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

What up ares

2019-12-02 04:04:10 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Im sorry you lost $100 to a millionare grifter @Crazynomad

2019-12-02 04:04:54 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Its not

2019-12-02 04:05:22 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

"Thats just like your opinion man"

2019-12-02 04:06:35 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

See: the american right

2019-12-02 04:07:14 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Support your local antifa group

2019-12-02 04:08:39 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Anti fascist aktion @yawn

2019-12-02 04:09:06 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

This but unironically

2019-12-02 04:09:45 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

That battle scene was pretty lit @🔥The Phoenix Emperor🔥

2019-12-02 04:10:19 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Yes i hate all those "fascist sypathiser" lmao

2019-12-02 04:10:27 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Whatever that is

2019-12-02 04:12:04 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

R"einstating a spirit of wester chauvinism" lol a dog whistle so loud

2019-12-02 04:13:06 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Its a dog whistle for anti progressivism @🔥The Phoenix Emperor🔥

2019-12-02 04:13:55 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Culturally reggressive how?

2019-12-02 04:14:34 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Nigeria is a continent

2019-12-02 04:14:56 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

What policies are going against science?

2019-12-02 04:15:32 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Chad is my fav country

2019-12-02 04:17:36 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Gender theroy is backed by science sooooo....

2019-12-02 04:19:11 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Gender is a spectrum not a binary

2019-12-02 04:20:01 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Sex is a bimodal distribution @Wicked

2019-12-02 04:20:10 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Gender os a spectrum

2019-12-02 04:20:37 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

No its not @tony1

2019-12-02 04:21:02 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Oof doesnt even know what a spectrum is

2019-12-02 04:21:52 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

This just shows that sex is bimodal sex and gender is not the same thing

2019-12-02 04:22:24 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

I know @Wicked

2019-12-02 04:23:00 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Sex isnt binary though

2019-12-02 04:23:17 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

No it isnt

2019-12-02 04:23:43 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

There are is this thing called intersex

2019-12-02 04:23:51 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Probably read up on it

2019-12-02 04:24:04 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Thats why its bimodal

2019-12-02 04:24:39 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Im not saying its a 3rd sex dummy

2019-12-02 04:25:43 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Im saying sex is bimodal with two "normalcies" and people that dont fit into either of these cat

2019-12-02 04:25:50 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Thats why its bimodal

2019-12-02 04:27:51 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  


2019-12-02 04:28:32 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

No sex is distributed bimodally

2019-12-02 04:29:44 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

That puts some out of the binary then @Wicked

2019-12-02 04:30:50 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

We arent talking about reproduction were talking about sexual characteristics

2019-12-03 03:26:22 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Civilty is alive and well i see @tony1

2019-12-03 03:26:37 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Hey bud

2019-12-03 03:27:27 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Only if we can overthrow the bourgeious while we play @FFFF

2019-12-03 03:28:22 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  


2019-12-03 03:29:35 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  


2019-12-03 03:30:51 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

If everyone was a pipe welder we could solve world hunger

2019-12-03 03:33:00 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Alantis is such a white guy thing

2019-12-04 22:37:35 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Us military industrial conplex strikes again

2019-12-05 06:50:25 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

someone give a shit take so we can all roast that person

2019-12-05 06:54:01 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

40% of cops

2019-12-05 06:55:45 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  


2019-12-05 11:13:00 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

fascists are kinda just pieces of shit

2019-12-05 11:13:24 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

triggered much lmao

2019-12-05 11:13:44 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

its a joke dumb ass

2019-12-05 11:14:33 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  
2019-12-05 11:15:22 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

imagine being creepy as fuck to anyone that even remotely has a girl sounding name

2019-12-05 11:16:02 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

who cares if their trans

2019-12-05 11:16:31 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

fascists are weird that way

2019-12-05 11:16:46 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

literally no one cares

2019-12-05 11:17:15 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

@Alert its a pun

2019-12-05 11:17:55 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

this server is 1

2019-12-05 11:17:56 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  


2019-12-05 11:18:49 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

fascists all have a mental age of 4 sooooo....

2019-12-05 11:19:47 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

fascism is internally incoherent and relies on conspiracy theories

2019-12-05 11:20:19 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

all episodes are a trainwreck @🌺Kaayylla🌼

2019-12-05 11:22:13 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

especially socalism

2019-12-05 11:23:05 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  


2019-12-05 11:23:08 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

it is

2019-12-05 11:23:21 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

nazis were not left wing

2019-12-05 11:23:37 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

nazis were not left wing

2019-12-05 11:23:40 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  


2019-12-05 11:23:48 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

no they weren't

2019-12-05 11:24:37 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

the nazis weren't progressive and thats not what left means anyway

2019-12-05 11:25:15 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

liberalism is center politics

2019-12-05 11:25:34 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

yes it is

2019-12-05 11:25:49 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

liberals are centrists

2019-12-05 11:26:04 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

leftism is the promotion of socialism and communism

2019-12-05 11:26:33 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

its really dumb to say the nazis were left

2019-12-05 11:26:43 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

they weren't pogressive

2019-12-05 11:27:00 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

they kowtowed to the capitalist class

2019-12-05 11:27:04 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  


2019-12-05 11:27:27 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

what is progressivism to you? @🌺Kaayylla🌼

2019-12-05 11:28:29 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

progressivism =/= scientific discovery

2019-12-05 11:28:57 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

secret nazbol over here

2019-12-05 11:29:23 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

@🌺Kaayylla🌼 what is your definition of progressivism

2019-12-05 11:30:17 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

@🌺Kaayylla🌼 what is your definiton of progressivism

2019-12-05 11:30:34 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

@🌺Kaayylla🌼 what is your definiton of progressivism

2019-12-05 11:30:45 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

@🌺Kaayylla🌼 what is your definiton of progressivism

2019-12-05 11:30:58 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

also stop giving the nazis credit for cars like wtf

2019-12-05 11:31:51 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

the most popular car of the 20th century was the model t

2019-12-05 11:32:13 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

also the most popular @🌺Kaayylla🌼

2019-12-05 11:32:34 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

literal brain dead takes in chat bois

2019-12-05 11:33:39 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  


2019-12-05 11:33:48 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

@🌺Kaayylla🌼 literal first line of the wiki

2019-12-06 04:06:38 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Support antifa, all pronouns are valid end convo

2019-12-06 04:07:18 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Im at work ill be on in like an hour and half @FFFF

2019-12-06 04:12:41 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Thinking california is communist is a literal room temp iq take lmao

2019-12-09 09:05:05 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  


2019-12-09 09:05:21 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  


2019-12-09 11:26:01 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

why is there so many fascists joining this server?

2019-12-09 11:26:45 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

fascism got beat in the 1940s bro

2019-12-09 11:28:08 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

probably to jerk each other off

2019-12-09 11:28:30 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

the duality of man ^

2019-12-09 11:29:15 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

who do i sound like?

2019-12-09 11:29:42 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  


2019-12-09 11:30:33 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

well jokes on you i only fuck latinos

2019-12-09 11:31:15 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

you should really try to have sex with all races

2019-12-09 11:31:30 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

its fun

2019-12-09 11:31:56 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

matter for what?

2019-12-09 11:32:28 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

why would sex not be fun? are you doing it wrong?

2019-12-09 11:33:39 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

yeah i realize people are different but if youre not having a pleasurable experience during sex something is wrong my dude

2019-12-09 11:34:30 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

i don't "feel out of this world" lmao

2019-12-09 11:34:36 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

it feels good though

2019-12-09 11:34:51 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

kinda the point of sex

2019-12-09 11:34:54 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

yah know

2019-12-09 11:34:58 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

feeling good

2019-12-09 11:35:28 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

when did i say that?

2019-12-09 11:35:41 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

i know plenty of asexual people

2019-12-09 11:35:54 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

never said that not having sex was bad

2019-12-09 11:36:14 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

just said that if youre having sex and it doesn't feel good something is wrong

2019-12-09 11:36:51 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

thats a nonsensical question

2019-12-09 11:37:58 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

not really can you describe the color blue to me?

2019-12-09 11:38:48 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

its a question you don't owe anyting to me and i don't owe anything to you

2019-12-09 11:39:43 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

lmao ok its not mocking its supposed to show you how your question sounds to me

2019-12-09 11:39:48 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

it makes no sense

2019-12-09 11:41:18 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

no you didn't ask me that you asked me to describe the feeling of good to you

2019-12-09 11:42:57 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

not really describing emotions is subjective at best and doesn't have a clear definition

2019-12-09 11:43:17 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

lmao ok

2019-12-09 11:44:03 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

id hate to live in a world where you shove your emotions so far down you can't feel

2019-12-09 11:46:16 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

i take that back you're quite emotional. you get triggered super easily

2019-12-09 11:47:20 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

any little slight in your mind is a giant personal attack its so cute

2019-12-09 11:48:32 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

your messages make it seem like youre super but hurt

2019-12-09 11:49:17 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  


2019-12-09 11:49:21 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

you should try

2019-12-09 11:50:41 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

so you're already pissed at the world? Got it

2019-12-09 11:51:27 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

just to entertain my self til i fall asleep mainly

2019-12-09 11:52:31 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Im not. don't really see the point at being mad at the world

2019-12-09 11:53:01 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

lmao you know nothing about me

2019-12-09 11:53:05 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

but ok

2019-12-09 11:53:55 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

damn weren't you just condemning me for doing something similar seems a little odd

2019-12-09 11:54:37 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

why do you not like your grandpa? Was it only that he had sex with a black person?

2019-12-09 11:55:42 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Any of what matters?

2019-12-09 11:55:58 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

why so nihlistic all the time?

2019-12-09 11:56:11 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Doomers for life i guess

2019-12-09 11:56:37 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

What do you think im brainwashed of?

2019-12-09 11:57:20 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Cool? you can be a doomer at any age

2019-12-09 11:58:27 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

never called you stupid?

2019-12-09 11:58:49 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

whats up jordan

2019-12-09 11:59:02 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  
2019-12-09 11:59:36 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Doomer energy

2019-12-09 12:00:09 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Yeah? I like memes too

2019-12-09 12:00:40 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Hit me up with your dankest meme

2019-12-09 12:01:24 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Why not? we can do a meme exchange @yellow_pelican

2019-12-09 12:02:32 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Have fun wasting away your existence being mad at girls that won't have sex with you! @yellow_pelican

2019-12-09 12:03:20 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

give my condolences to your wife @yellow_pelican

2019-12-09 12:05:48 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

well i never said you were stupid i just said your world view is depressing and overall your in an awful spot in your life... but get some help and you should be good my dude @yellow_pelican

2019-12-09 12:06:26 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

plants is just a boring doomer

2019-12-09 12:07:19 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

@yellow_pelican i think youre legit a disgusting person with an awful view of women and minoritys

2019-12-09 12:07:33 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

that better?

2019-12-09 12:08:10 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

bro we goin hard today no brakes on the hate train

2019-12-09 12:09:40 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

just pick up both boxes and yeet them at omega

2019-12-09 12:10:59 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

Bro tofu is legit really good

2019-12-09 12:11:04 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

tried some today

2019-12-09 12:11:06 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

not bad

2019-12-09 12:13:11 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

ultimately its a meaningless question and you should be as greedy as possible and take both boxes

2019-12-09 12:16:50 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

damn we just really out here hatin on women for no reason

2019-12-09 12:17:12 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

take em all

2019-12-09 12:17:17 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

doesn't matter

2019-12-09 12:17:38 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

wait yes it does

2019-12-09 12:18:09 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

women aren't in your future thats for sure @girls are dumb

2019-12-09 12:19:13 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  


2019-12-10 01:32:16 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

six degrees of separation libertarian edition @Jordan Philips Cockram

2019-12-12 21:24:55 UTC [Blue Politics #general-chat]  

stonetoss is a nazi

in America democrats is as far left as politics go @NSS

with little to no political power

not how the electoral college currently works

tru but its better then voting for the other side

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