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I already got most of my red pills already

@ddaavvee Just accept that World Civilization is fucked (I mean, unless you're Muslim, in which, Pax Ottomana?). Save yourself, get a doll, a waifu, crank out the champagne of victory, and once you're done getting your sexual energy out, go to the next step. Improve yourself, be stronger, smarter, get money, do SOMETHING!

But don't sit there wallowing in pity over a beaten roast beef sandwich.

That song bitches ain't shit is literally gospel.

(Well, that part of the song anyways)

And if you have money, you ain't an incel

What the hell is the Golden Pill?

If the left couldn't meme, we wouldn't have the 19th Amendment

If you aren't deciding to pay for pussy at that rate, you are making the choice to not get laid

Prostitution is legal. It's called Tinder.

Exactly. So stop lurking around incel areas.

Just build yourself as you see fit.

That is modern society brother.

Ain't nothing new under the sun.

Wilsonian America is the order now.

If you wanted a family, you were born too late.

The machine was just built to turn men into feminist automatons.

They are jacking it to the sissy boi and cuckold movements right now

I'm talking Saudi Gov. And the like.

Not necessarily religion, but regional standards. You can hypothetically be a Muslim and one who stands for Western Civilization.

Brits, Russians, and America love playing grabby grabby.

But look at the no go zones in Europe. The ethnography of these countries, which wouldn't be a problem if it wasn't causing the current identity crisis the west is having right now.

Also commies are fueling the identity crisis.

Commies and Islam in the same room will be a fucking disaster.

Culture is what I'm speaking.

If these Arabs/Africans were feminists, then we'd have the average san Fran cancer.

Europe has no identity. Canada has no identity. America has been losing its identity.

Some can argue it has already lost its identity.

Wait, what do you mean by "right"?

It's just that communism and Islam are a volatile mix.

Hell, the UN seems to be trying to Feminize the Islamic World as well.

Because all civilization needs to die, lmao.

Islam also has some pretty cool empires historically.

I love history, but Communism is trying to take it away from everybody.

No, what I mean is that these savages want to destroy our civilizations for their red one.

My prediction is once the US collapses, a global dark age will hit, and there won't be a superpower for quite some time.

I'm a mutt racially, but the West has given some of the best and worst institutions

You can guess what the worst one is.

No, batteries for solar panels just grow at your local Best Buy

He laid down the Smackdown on that bitch

She should've just given him a Pepsi, and none of this would've happened.

I bet she took/will take his Bepis later tonight due to how alpha he apparently is.

Spilling his Pepsi Vanilla all over her.


My Maple brethren, if you see this message, you need to get on your mooses, and migrate ANYWHERE, but don't stay there.

This is what happens when self proclaimed feminists run nations.

I mean, I know Nations are a rather new things if you look at ALL of Human history (including Pre-Historical).

$renameclaim username has given charname some of the old *Pepsi Vanilla*

Down with the Maple, UP WITH THE STARS!

$fm Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo

We can't lose the Ahrian Masterrace preacher.

๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

I hope the US doesn't go that direction, but the realities of that grow slimmer by the day.

I wish 1776 would commence again.

But too many Americans are cowards now.

So it's best to just crack open the Pepsi, and watch the Union burn.

Since it seems to want to kill itself so bad.

With how hopeless things are, sometimes I get a feeling to exercise the (censored due to rules concern).

With how hopeless things have become.

But I'm gonna stop here before I get more depressive.

Maybe, JUST MAYBE, we will come back together in the 11th hour.

No country is being spared from its wrath either.

All civilization is being mutilated before our very eyes.

Not even Russia, China, or Iran.

But there is a silver lining if I somehow survive.


I'm trapped in the city for now though.

So if the collapse happens soon, I probably won't make it.

And if that fate truly comes, then at least I had the beauty of enlightenment with the Red Pill.

Nope Hermit, the Canucks are fucked.


Not necessarily the pinnacle of news outlets.

That's pretty much all of them though.

Wait, are we talking terraforming here?

Oh wait<:tard:480186130105630730>

You aren't just tale telling right now, right?

Your sister is such a that hot

I cant go along with their bs.

Especially given recent events

I love pushing them off their edges

Oh no, the sheep aren't gonna socialize with me?

Implying they haven't already

Oh no, the herd is scawwwy. They won't talk to me. I'm literally broken now

They think they're so fucking unique and intelligent

They want to talk about something which they lack knowledge in, somebody has to whip them for their idiocy.

They were gonna accuse me of being a nazi, or an ism anyways, so I might as well have fun with it.

Oh, so if I fuck with them, I somehow validate their accusations of being a nazi?

Oh no, calling them a fucking brainlet will make me a Nazi somehow.

Well to be fair, I'm not fighting with everybody

Like, I wouldn't insult higher ups in a business.

My fault for putting out the impression that I argue with ALL the brainlets.

Just the fucking randoms who are absolute jackasses.


Anyone else wanna get a gender dysphoria diagnosis

I can even become a crossdresser if it means freedom from the system.

The reason I like arguing with the tards is more so the pleasure of watching the mental gymnastics they have to do almost every time.

Such as one who claimed that 95% of Sex differences are fake, and just social constructs.


When I saw that specimen, experimentation was needed.

I needed to see how far I can push them.

I kept sarcastically echoing their points back at them.

I didn't bother with logical arguments, as they lack any logic. So I decided to do emotional sabotage instead.

It's far more effective, at least from what I observed.

Since they think so emotionally all the fucking time.

I know Ad Hominem is a logical fallacy, but when you're dealing with illogical people....

But a lot of these incels don't actually look horrendous.

It's the conditioning that's doing it to em.

It would be better if they went their own way though.

Pussy is only gonna be by your side for so long

Pepsiman will be by your side forever.

Although it is them forcing themselves to do it.

(In moderation of course, diabetes sucks)

I bet it's because of the girls who rejected them.

Have they considered waifus/traps/DOLLS

Some of that is more memetics, but you get the serious point.

Even then, stuff like the whole Alpha/Beta ranking system is outdated.

All it means now is how much choice in a slave master you got is.

Alphas tend to be leaders, Betas tend to follow, Omegas exist, Sigmas are the shadow masters, Zetas are the boys.

Basically the type to give up on the game and do their own shit if you know what I mean.

Yes. The ones outside of the wall.

*Whales going to obtain welfare

My older brother likes fat chicks.....

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