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2018-07-05 19:28:58 UTC [Compfy California #vetting]  

2018-07-05 19:31:33 UTC [Compfy California #vetting]  


2018-07-05 19:36:43 UTC [Compfy California #vetting]  

1. 17 2) socal 3. immigration, gun violence domestically, and civil service laws i.e Free healthcare. 4) moving more liberal for striving for equality in our country and world wide but also dividing our nation itself at the same time. I do but is the backlash worth it. 5) Be an active participant by supporting the movement and not just stating your opinion. Being present in an issue or solving it is just as important as saying your opinion on it.

2018-07-05 19:37:00 UTC [Compfy California #vetting]  

kinda broad but i tried

2018-07-05 19:41:47 UTC [Compfy California #vetting]  

Yea I got it from rob

2018-07-05 19:41:54 UTC [Compfy California #vetting]  

and answering the second q

2018-07-05 19:44:09 UTC [Compfy California #vetting]  

I.e when people are pressing to ban guns because of the terror from school shootings, people who support gun use recreationally and the 2nd amendment are feeling that their right to arms is being endangered and they have a need to speak out against these attacks against guns and why not to ban them

2018-07-05 19:44:57 UTC [Compfy California #vetting]  

Because when I think of someone who is pressing to ban guns, they're probably relating it to school shootings and how their bad

2018-07-05 19:50:40 UTC [Compfy California #vetting]  

The group itself isn't bad even though people affiliate them with past radical regimes (Nazis) but you don't have to be a nazi to be someone who considers themselves alt-right. They're just a group of people who share a similar idea of values and traditions and they do what they believe is right as long as it falls under the law

2018-07-05 19:50:44 UTC [Compfy California #vetting]  

i am too

2018-07-05 19:50:54 UTC [Compfy California #vetting]  

rifling is fun

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