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2018-07-13 02:55:02 UTC [Compfy California #vetting]  

2018-07-13 02:56:42 UTC [Compfy California #vetting]  

23 & Male

2018-07-13 02:57:01 UTC [Compfy California #vetting]  

Long Island, NY

2018-07-13 02:58:10 UTC [Compfy California #vetting]  

Outside influences shifting politics, gun control, and crippling debt as most would already say.

2018-07-13 03:00:04 UTC [Compfy California #vetting]  

The nation is generally heading in a bad direction but each issue is moving either fast or slow. I don't approve of the modern and popular ideological shift

2018-07-13 03:01:22 UTC [Compfy California #vetting]  

I'm not a single issue voter but guns are a big issue for me. I share Cody Wilson's view on them. So we should make them as available as possible to the public, despite what consequences that may bring.

2018-07-13 03:01:55 UTC [Compfy California #vetting]  

That's one of my long term goals as the admin of The Kommando Blog

2018-07-13 03:03:48 UTC [Compfy California #vetting]  

California /k/ Discord

2018-07-13 03:04:07 UTC [Compfy California #vetting]  


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