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2018-08-30 17:30:22 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

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2018-09-05 15:46:10 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

Antifa confirmed based

2018-09-06 20:19:55 UTC [Nordic Frontier #shitposting]  


2018-09-28 03:32:30 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

Might is Right is good, I'd recommend it

2018-10-03 22:10:30 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  


2018-10-03 22:10:32 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

Big gay

2018-11-07 23:21:15 UTC [Nordic Frontier #lifestyle]  

Tightrope stuff is of poor quality, anyways. My friend got a shirt from there (he lives in the US) and he said it was one of those iron on prints that flaked off and that the shirt was itchy as hell.

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