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I Read "genetic conservatives"

Is that the 100% bavarian phenotype guy

Looks prussian as fuck*

Makes me sleepy

2021-02-15 20:16:34 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #banter]  


2021-02-20 22:44:34 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #vc-chat]  

@Milorad based MAGApedes

2021-02-21 16:31:33 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #banter]  


wait is that richard spencer?!

took me 15 minutes to figure that out

2021-02-25 17:19:40 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #vc-chat]  

hungarians are basically finnish people who forgot where they put their sauna and got lost

2021-02-25 17:20:23 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #vc-chat]  

That's why I, as a swedish person, like hungarians, because I can feel superior (for once)

2021-02-25 17:20:33 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #vc-chat]  


2021-02-25 17:21:25 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #vc-chat]  


2021-02-25 17:21:38 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #vc-chat]  


2021-02-25 17:21:41 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #vc-chat]  


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