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Whats up


Roles are cringe

2021-01-04 00:17:28 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #vc-chat]  

Wtf lmao

That the bloke from greggs aye

MuniPol orgy?

I have developed multiple mental illneses and Im bound to a wheelchair now

Total prussian phenotype

Im gnostic now

I wanna fuck Sophia

Ur mum

I just wanna build my own family from scrap


U ever watch that movie Robots

Im adolf hitlers dad

Stfu son time for your buttfucking

2021-01-05 17:48:07 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #book-pdf]

2021-01-05 17:54:43 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #book-pdf]  


2021-01-05 17:55:17 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #book-pdf]  

ethnic bias explained through sociobiology and anthropology

2021-01-05 17:56:18 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #book-pdf]

2021-01-05 17:56:22 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #book-pdf]  

read this then


most of these mangas never end and the gooks writing them die or give up

2021-01-05 18:04:40 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #book-pdf]  


2021-01-05 18:04:44 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #book-pdf]  

thats my friend too

2021-01-05 18:05:42 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #book-pdf]  

what a smol world

2021-01-05 18:12:51 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #book-pdf]  

based arjuna

Read mannerbund pdf and reject women


fucking caesar legion

Nigga tribe


Yts are canaanites *smacks lips*


I wanna see niggers in congress

Riding the Kali Yuga

Fem boy nazi pedo porn I hope

State mandated child porn for government officials

The device that was found at the R.N.C. was a pipe bomb that was successfully destroyed by a bomb squad, according to an official for the R.N.C.

The package at the D.N.C. has yet to be identified, according to a top Democrat briefed on the matter who was not authorized to speak publicly about it.

wish this was like a Tiananmen square situation

woooo Kaiserreich real life this is like HOI4 woooo

Trump-Flynn alliance


in your poopoo hole

and the girl was Lena Dunham



they never take a stand



waiting for this nigga to swoop in

Pence is like Northern Englanders when they say ''Im not homophobic just dont like em''

got shot in theatre

his son will do it

Is this place gonna get nuked my niggas?

They nuked 2 servers I was in today bruh

2021-01-07 18:06:31 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #banter]  

total dunk

this feels nostalgic

get your yeeyee ass posts outta here nigga

OFN operation theme idk i just post stuff

No he was of gypsy ancestry

Who cares get a job


Ye sure

You know gothic runes?

Is that drludwig

Hey Woland ur serbian right? i wanna debate that fat joker guy, can you make it happen. Thx

Is that fat guy bosnian or bosnian serb?

Im Peter Scully but slavic

Pyotr Skuli

Whats pure saxon?

Also why is it saxon? Is it related to sex?


What if I shitted on your social contract u fag

Sure fag

I dont have butt

Read Joevenel u sick frog

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