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2020-12-30 05:38:24 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #vc-chat]  

tits too fat

@Erlik แšฏ give a role to <@!792469401764495390> nigga wants to join the vc

2020-12-30 06:05:30 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #vc-chat]  

100% aryan russian

niggas banned him



who banned him


Larp tbh

dont disregard the rich influential balkan history

evangelion fanbase is a last staple of implicit white identity

true tbh bladee is aryan

where da fuck is mario judah

if you got an asuka avi youre either latino or autistic

mah nigga will be wearing thigh skirts in a year

if you relate to asuka you are most likely mentally ill

exactly if i was shinji i would just rape her

struggling makes it hot

uniornically if talking about actual entertainment

much better

attack on titan isnt boring at all

i dont watch sport anime albeit niggas did they it was based

i dont see how a person that has even an attention deficit can be bored by AoT

analyzing fascism themes of marley

lain is boring as fuck

eren is clearly based

lain i watched like 7 episodes and barely anything fucking happened

berserk is aryan

very high T manga


being against rumbling is not only reddit but also retarded and has no foundation in logic


i didnt read fantasia

im on millenium falcon

but i did hear

it became gay

miura is too busy jerking off to idolmaster

miura really letting go shieet


i still have to read the falcon

niggas told me its best arc

never watched jojo past phantom blood

always stopped at it

imma make it through

it seems to be the consensus it gets better after



you wanna be added back

whats your @


i hope not

it will be retarded

there are like 3 chapters left

how they gonna explain paradis surviving

le generic shonen ending

alliance chapters were shit too

cuz its better than a generic ending

also its based

and it is improbable for alliance to win and for an ending to be somewhat coherent and logical

no way to tie it up in 3 chapters

he doesnt have a choice

misaka is retarded

le he wouldnt do it if i just confessed

cope IMO

only up to chapter 96 i think

4 season is airing now

anime is more entertaining albeit they fucked up with season 3 a bit

isayama got no balls to end it like that

i dont think they will change the ending if he wants it to be rumbling suceeding

i think he states anime was supposed to be ultimative version of his work

if they do a movie

they could

watch the anime

thats what i did

then i read the manga

they just rearranged some stuff with first part of season 3 which didnt make much sense

choose anime then

"eldians will flatten the world they're devils" "yes"

cry nigga we boutta genocide everyone and you cant do shit

like one

i mean theres a country of black people

but none of the main characters are black

continental eldians are gay traitors

paradis eldians are chad yeagerists

chad ending

eldians are modelled after germans as well

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