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smple as...

marvel has had a huge impact

groyper expanded universe?

I think we need another murdochmurdoch hwndu groyper shadilay moment

& more negativexp merch to pour into the streets

real reason is that american haven't adopted the massive fist brawls that the european extreme right/left have been doin 4 a while

gotta eat raw meat vrooooo

grete b like buy mor groyper funkpops <:soyjak:797260561909153802>

biden is not my president

we do not have presidents

seethe harder loser

we do not have presidents

he is an american president

there is no such position where i live

he is not my president


connections w/ who

a other bunch of losers lol!

yeh i know honey groyper

ok but said millionaire commited suicide then gave away the money

his opnion is nada

only losers commit suicide


schism between blood groyper & crip groyper

i'm pulling moves behind the scenes <:smoke:795702573633372160> I'M BALLSY I DON'T NEED NO SPIC GROYPER

@grete you'll see me on the tv soon, ok?

!d bump


!d bump


don't entertain him

he suffers from hallucinations, just talk to him about shapes & colors he likes

i just picked the emojis 💯

!d bump

I got a 15 foot tapeworm growing in my gut, i am jucheist

in a year i will have forgotten tha man putin fears the most

i hope the fsb blacksite hes gunn be sent to was worth it lol!!!!!

sorry bro, already had sex w/ her 😔 ✊

😏 pussy is pussy

wait victorian i remember you

don't you literally suck fat mens penises out their basketball shorts for money lol!!!!!!

your mother

hes a loser i know that 🤣

so any1 can just serch him up & sodomize him @ anytime

egypt is and always will be greeek

dirty slavs took over great macedon

real gayreek homeland egypt

>its real

they were greek

the greeks live underground, everyone uptop is a dirty arab pleb

few knoiw dis

egyptian were greek greekoids


interesting 1brieflife

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

1brieflife will u marry me

1brieflife u r woman

u take it up the pooper

ur gay homostuck pfp told me otherwise

and you said u were straight

you a feminine male?

yes but u r not fully man

I need a woman to sit on my face & fart

the american government has no part in this

we are in a ouroboros of sorts of sucking penises

330 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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