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2018-12-21 22:13:28 UTC [The Chads #vetting]  

Right Cafe

2018-12-21 22:13:50 UTC [The Chads #vetting]  


2018-12-21 22:13:57 UTC [The Chads #vetting]  


2018-12-21 22:14:02 UTC [The Chads #vetting]  


2018-12-21 22:14:42 UTC [The Chads #vetting]  

<:Kike:512197133777240084> =๐Ÿคข

2018-12-21 22:15:28 UTC [The Chads #vetting]  

Germany if they won the war

2018-12-22 00:54:52 UTC [The Chads #vetting]  

Damn it

2018-12-22 00:54:58 UTC [The Chads #vetting]  

Hold on I'm at the airport

2018-12-22 01:08:21 UTC [The Chads #vetting]  

Found this server in the "Right Cafe"

2018-12-22 01:08:33 UTC [The Chads #vetting]  

I'm considered an Anglo-American. I probably have a good deal of Irish and Italian in me though.

2018-12-22 01:08:50 UTC [The Chads #vetting]  

Maybe German, I'm getting a DNA test done

2018-12-22 01:09:03 UTC [The Chads #vetting]  

National Socialism/Fascism. Government should be a means to an end for the prosperity and defence of the people

2018-12-22 01:09:23 UTC [The Chads #vetting]  

Hell, just call me an Ethnonationalist

2018-12-22 01:09:43 UTC [The Chads #vetting]  

I'm a Christian, raised protestant and likely going to convert to Catholicism or Orthodoxy

2018-12-22 01:09:55 UTC [The Chads #vetting]  

Jews are a cancer and parasite, they administer control through their global banking system and influence our cultures through degenerate media, pop culture, immigration etc.

2018-12-22 01:10:07 UTC [The Chads #vetting]  

Picture perfect nation: A group of people of common blood and raised on the same soil as their ancestors, a patriarchal hierarchy, traditional families that are invested and tied to the land and country, degenerate material is outlawed, men are encouraged to be healthy, providers, workers, and warriors. Women are encouraged to be home caretakers, good mothers, and modest. *No brown people

2018-12-22 01:10:10 UTC [The Chads #vetting]  


2018-12-22 01:11:11 UTC [The Chads #vetting]  

Is this sufficient?

2018-12-22 01:11:24 UTC [The Chads #vetting]  

Hold on






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