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Oy veyyyyyy


2019-09-08 05:37:29 UTC [333 #lobby]  

In their philosophy.

They should be extirpated.

Communist traitors.


And they wanted all the oil fields across the Euphrates.

Nope. The majority of oil is located across in the Euphrates. They make up only 2% and arrived at that land in the 1920s. The groups YPG and PKK are both libertarian communist groups that are apart of a coalition to overthrow Erdogan in Turkey. They allied with the Americans and Jews in order to Balkanize Syria.

Of which Israel would be able to pursue its greater Israel plan that leads to the Euphrates.

Erdogan invaded because the groups were about to obtain nominal independence from Syria and be a visage for the communists to do more damage to Turkey.

However, they failed against the resistance and needed Assad to not be exterminated from the face of the Earth.

The Kurds threatened to release their ISIS captives of 3,500 and did literally to nothing in the resistance of ISIS

It was predominately Assad.

Opportunistic communist scum.

They should all be shot.

The Kurds did subsist of principalities from the 16th to 19th century but were unable to hold them: not located in Syria.

They are from a province called Kurdistan in Iran.

Search up Al-Omar oil fields.

Thatโ€™s a joke, right?

Kurds betrayed their host nation for to take away the oil fields.

And use that independent visage in order to provide an impetus to take away Erdogen. They received support from Israel as they wanted to balkanise Syria so the Jews could ascertain more land.

I despise the Turks.

But I don't want a communistic state.

The Kurds were opportunistic scum.

It's like if the gypsies decided to grab Greek land in the midst of a civil war.

They only arrived there in the 1920s.

They betrayed Syria for their own gain even though they only make up 7% of the population.

And the PKK are in a coalition of parties to overthrow Erdogen.

Except they're helping the fucking Jews.

There's a reason why they only wanted the north of the Euphrates.

The Kurds threatened to release their ISIS captives of 3,500 and did literally to nothing in the resistance of ISIS

When ISIS had control of the oil fields it gave them a nominal source of income and gave a redux for their weapons.

They produced 3 million dollars worth of oil every day.

The Kurds, after ISIS fled due to Assad grabbed it.

And they thought they would be able to resist the mutts that are the Turks.

And Greeks man.

It's how I vent my anger.

With how fucked the world is.

I recently found out that Trump was a literal Jew.

Except he's a crypto-Jew.

Just click the links. His mother died in a Jewish fucking hospital.

Is there any way I could remove Fascist but keep Italian Fascist? : this was the coalition that contains the enterprises with a majority of Communist movements in that vicinity.

If the Kurds were allowed to subsist and ascertain that area they wanted Turkey would of been in big trouble.

And obviously the media is developing an acrid propaganda campaign against Turkey (even though they supported Turkey taking part of Syria beforehand) due to Israel losing its ability to acquire more land.

No fucking way..

They're infecting the youth.

With the normalisation of its malignancy.

To desensitise us to accept it as a debauched norm.

They betrayed your country man.

Do you not see what is in front of you?

How your country has been abused?

Used for capital gain?

A king who has failed his people.

Will he remove the infestation that spread like viruses in your homeland?

The Byzantine Empire?

Without that you wouldnโ€™t even have a judicial system

Corpus Julias Civilis

Trust me, Iโ€™m fine.

The Byzantines made Greek the vernacular of jurisprudence in 610 with Heraclitus.

They saw themselves as Greeks.

I would search up Corpus Julius Civilis.

That claim falls on its head as it works under different metaphysical and ontological claims

The Civilis does not

And it heavily influenced the Napoleonic Code

Which is what we function under today.

Itโ€™s ontological and metaphysical basis still subsists.

**__Meine Ehre heiรŸt Treue__**

"Tidings of the disaster were brought to Pausanias while he was on the march from Platea to Thespiae, and putting his army in battle array, he came from Thebes, leading his Athenians. But when Pausanias was minded to ask for the bodies of the dead under a truce, **THE ELDERS OF THE SPARTANS COULD NOT BROOK IT, AND WERE ANGRY AMONG THEMSELVES, AND COMING TO THE KING, THEY PROTESTED THAT THE BODY OF LYSANDER MUST NOT BE TAKEN UP UNDER COVER OF A TRUE, BUT BY FORCE OF ARMS, IN OPEN BATTLE FOR IT;** and that if they conquered, then they would give him burial, but if they were vanquished, **it would be a glorious thing to lie dead with their general. SUCH WERE THE WORDS of the elders;** but Pausanis saw that it would be a difficult matter to conquer the Thebans, flushed as they were with victory, and that the body of Lysander lay near the walls, so that its recovery would be difficult without a truce, even if they were victorious; he therefore sent a herald, and after making a truce, led his forces back. And as soon as they had come beyond the boundary of Boeotia with Lysander's body, they buried it in the friendly soil of their allies, the Panopeans, where his monument now stands, by the road leading from Delphi to Chaeroneia."

-- Lives, Plutarch: ยง: XXIX /PG: 315

It's Zeus.

Debate what?

Shut up, dyke.

Sounds like one.

How are you Christian and then a Robust Moral Realist?

Then an Error Theorist?

Shut up.

Lmfao, you're wasting my time.

The whore defeated me?

I'm not even in that server?

Losing to bisexual communists?

Really bro?

One has high-functioning autism the other is a closet transgender.

That'd be the day I'd put a 9x19 in my brain.

Imagine losing to a centrist.

Last time I spoke with Bryn he said that having homoerotic thoughts were something that were normal: I'm assuming then he thinks about taking in the ass. That seems to follow.


Killing is good.

Nothing wrong with it.

Using empathy as an impetus for motivation is a concomitant with Christianity.

It weakened Europeans.

But, that being said, I'd rather have that than any form of Communism.


Do you even know what Fascism is?

Shut the fuck up. No one is telling you to read the chat.

Yeah, I've read The Authoritarian Personality and the interpretation of Luckac's fucking botched description of it.

Jewish authors.


I'm currently reading.



Lenin is low IQ reading?

Imperialism and the Highest Stage of Capitalism: on chapter 5 currently.

He's a fucking weakling.

Filled with Ressentiment.

I'ma head off. TTYL.


@everyone Video regarding great replacement.

Go up and read what their posting.


These men went to go on to found the Italian Fascist Party. @Deleting User

@Neuron Cortex Read Lenin you fucking moron.

This concept of globalisation he mentions regarding Kautsky.

You're a fucking slave.

edw eimai.

@Marcdoof I watched a video detailing substructural logic as a way of mitigating the paradox.

But it results in the complete destruction of how we use language.

@Castore what opioids?

I read somewhere that opioids effect the ventrolateral and orbitiofrontal prefrontal cortexes.

Something to do with chronic overstimulaton

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