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Stole it already.


Mental health disorders shouldn't be taboo to discuss.

In many cases something is very clearly wrong with them in the head.

They should be institutionalized.

Putting them in work camps shouldn't be permitted, as they would be legally classified as insane by the State.

They would be entitled to the insanity plea, regardless of if they can be treated or not.

*Nulla poena sine lege*

Unless there's some kind of separate criminal code for them, they would logically have the same rights.



Don't even like Trump but this is a bad take considering that it misunderstands what's meant by MAGA.

Nobody who supports Trump's boomer neoconservatism can point out any period of America they'd rather live in

What they *can* point out however is the spirit of 'Americanism', glorified civic nationalism under crony capitalism.



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let me in stupids

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It's not really a problem of who can vote but how.

Representative democracy doesn't do a good job at keeping its voter base informed, and the media deliberately keeps it this way

Party politics and the media circus drummed up at election time aids in voters turning it into nothing more than a sportsball game where they just want "their" party to win no matter how shit they are.

In effect, the multiple party system is a sham.

Anybody who is seriously working outside of the two parties in the real world knows this. You can explain every aspect of your policy and get somebody to agree but they still won't vote for you because they've got some Game of Thrones blood oath to their party "because my dad voted for them, and so did his dad and I'm gonna uphold the tradition" or whatever the fuck.

It's a waste of time.

It should be a one-party system where individuals vote according to the field they work in (agriculture, industry, etc.) which exists to advise the government how best to proceed on certain policies. That's the only way I can plausibly see informed votes happening.

this is peak boomer mindset

housing crisis in your country?

just work harder, serf

Fine outfit, bad physique.

Lose some pounds.

Go figure


Another reason why I wish the revolution would be televised

It's warranted

@Gromp They're that bad.


ok capie

no gods, no masters, except for my landlord

Total worker control.

Combination of cultural warfare, the sanctity of marriage and a lot of rope, some assembly required

I don't know if you would count this as a book of an explicitly political nature in the same vein as other ideological works

But *The Impeachment of Man* is perhaps one of the best books I've ever read.

Essentially it's a manifesto of Deep Ecology, if you want to call it that.

Some might call it that, though I believe that any person who is seriously concerned with nature in general can learn from it even if they do not explicitly identify as a Fascist.

The government is definitely not going to use it to make everybody outside of their cliche extremely stupid.

That would be an abuse of their power and they've never been known for that before.

False dichotomy.

Total planned economy.

You cannot be a Capitalist and a Nationalist is my stance.

Man cannot serve two masters.

@Attika i must have Alzheimer's cause ion remember asking

From the point of view that 'good' is to be interpreted as the 'common good' as opposed to individual good.

A certain policy might be 'good' for a select few individuals, but not for the majority of citizens who have to live with its results.

Old morals are good but they should be implemented into a futurist framework.

The industrial revolution and its consequences.....

'Progress' is as subjective as 'good.'

If we're to believe that there is no such objective thing as 'good', then 'progress' is just as moot a talking point.

Ok loser <:shoot:591451983647473707>

🖕🏻 dont care didnt ask plus youre a monarchist 🖕🏻

A good authoritarian government is one that can afford to remain largely unintrusive in people's private lives

Bit of both

Porn would go through a slow phase of being uprooted imo

Being socially shunned like smoking is, and then gradually banned

Could just set a bar for what 'dissent' is. Like for me, disagreement with certain small policy is not the same as outright sedition

The only way you could be an enemy of the state is if you are either a Capitalist or anti-White


Gorky was based

Unless you're like a CEO or some shit

I doubt it

CEO of racism

Freedom isn't gay, it's just been turned into an overused buzzword that's been boiled down to "if I can't choose wrong, you're oppressing me"

The Trotskyists in my city support HK


He should've finished what Hitler didn't start but should have

Like Canada

Only Chechnya

Third World should've listened to Gadaffi

Depends on the totalitarian regime. If it is moral and fair, then I have no problem with it.

The depressed announcer voice on the train is my aesthetic.

Western Civilization began to decline when it disobeyed the law of God.

We either return to it or we die.

Not all cultures are equal.

Public/State ownership and control of the means of production; cooperative business is allowed to exist
Heavy environmental protections
Planned economy
Minimal taxation - ideally *none* but that is perhaps unrealistic
State-subsidized culture fund

implying corporation will exist

Income tax

Shoot heretics

This post was made by Christbol gang

Muslims are cool, they just don't belong in the West

Atheism is for fags, hippies and nihilists


I'm Nazbol Theocrat @Simp


Jews are the antichrist

Read Thomas Aquinas

"bro what's 2 + 2, but don't answer with any of that '4' stuff"

like what

Because Aquinas had studied like centuries of literature and dogma??


he's a theologian so it counts as a source

okay then we're arguing from a subjective standpoint; even if somebody *can* prove that god exists, you can just go "well it doesn't look like proof to me"

okay well run through with me, what were your critiques?

okay so number one of the first way, our senses prove that some things are in motion
number two, things move when potential motion becomes actual motion,

any objections so far?

number three, only an actual motion can convert a potential motion into an actual motion.
number four, nothing can be at once in both actuality and potentiality in the same respect.

i.e: if both actual and potential, it is actual in one respect and potential in another.

good? any problems?

number five, nothing can move itself
number six, each thing in motion is moved by something else

number seven, the sequence of motion cannot extend *ad infinitum*

do you agree with this, disagree?

final point of the first way

it is therefore necessary to arrive at a first mover, put in motion by no other, and this everybody understand to be God

okay so

okay but we have to deduce that there had to be a beginning point, having had no objections prior to point eight, right?

okay, so the thing is that whatever you replace with God as the beginning point

has to logically exist outside of Time itself

since Time is also a factor that is in motion

can you soundly demonstrate that at all?

okay so what alternatives would there plausibly be?

if not a thing/being that exists outside of time

what parts did you disagree with?

i thought we went through them

no, which is where we go into the next point

well perfect is defined as having all desired or required qualities, characteristics and elements - as good as it is possible to be

but i'm a bit puzzled here, you said you disagreed on a lot of things

which points in particular?

besides eight

it's a bit of a copout to try and disprove via laws that he created; you would have to conclude that somebody who is *outside* of these laws is not beholden to them

since he himself defines what they are

i would say that the opposite is true actually

imperfection is a fleshly thing

i just told you what perfection is

how does it not make sense?

contradictions within laws he exists outside of though, that's the problem here

you're arguing within boundaries that he exists outside of

i'm not understanding how you reach that conclusion though

if it is purely applicable to our world, and he exists outside of that world

how is it applicable to him therefore?

for arguments sake, if he chose for it to exist then it very well could

but the reason why it doesnt is because he has not ordained the law to behave in such a way

again, we're trying to make arguments within boundaries he is not beholden to

if he wanted a square circle to exist, he very well could have chosen to do so

that's a bit of a silly question, don't you think?

it's like asking why he invented mathematics

not really

it would be just like saying 'god lets me ask if 1 + 1 can equal 5 so therefore he can't be perfect'


@ilovemyself AWD would be more useful if it *had* a party

but there isn't anything particular wrong with it in principle

like when it comes down to it

they're basically the SA

they aren't the party

or any kind of intelligensia

and i'm not trying to sound like an elitist or a snob or anything like that

but really

you wouldn't have them in charge of actual important national policies if they did happen to take power

Outlaw all other parties, make the militant wing of the party and the armed forces synonymous, term limit of ten years per head of state unless a vote of extension is cast

@Spergerger basically the Sith party then

shoot the rich people

Infighting between globalists, I couldn't care less.


Try anytime before the 20th century.

Hang the monarchy in Minecraft

<:absoluteretardation:591182455885660178> you rn

SIEGE is maybe good for the US. Literally useless almost everywhere else.

Hitler was okay but he didn't go far enough.

Very purplepilled.

I mean, he *lost* didn't he

That counts as something he did wrong.

@Otto Could've taken the nuclear option.

Oh well, the entire world is Jewish now.

I probably wouldn't say by 2021. Shit will definitely go sour within the decade though.

I can't remember how much debt the US has to rack up but like

Basically it's when they can't even *service* the debt.

That's when you'll see things start to move along.

First the class war then the race war 😤

Capitalists are Jewish

Attacking the Jews is Jewish


Read FM-6-2003

Anti-White rhetoric should be under severe scrutiny in European nations

Who cares?

Trump is a queer

Who *cares?*

If Trump stays, woo, more support for Israel and gun rights stripped away

If he goes, who is going to replace him?

Nobody good.

Lose-lose situation, it's just theatre to distract us.

Medicare works wonderfully in Australia. If you proposed privatizing it, you'd get politically crucified.


That doesn't explain how it's slavery though.

Even assuming what you said was true.

Why not?

I'm shocked you won't provide me a reason as to how it's slavery.

Not really. Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's.

You haven't established a premise as to how it's slavery.

If you can't understand that what you're describing isn't even slavery, I'm not sure I even want to have a discussion.

So you're aware, you need to be 13+ to use Discord.

Private healthcare is stupidly worse.

The US has a worse healthcare system than Saudi Arabia.

Who dictates what is theirs?

The worship of money is the root of all evil.

Who cares if it means taxes.

Rewarding the worker for their effort is fine but rampant individualism is what got us into this mess in the first place.

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