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2018-05-12 05:33:46 UTC [Red Storm #customs]  

1. I have been living in Philadelphia my whole life.

2. I am a very online person and I can participate in discussion as well as hopefully bringing new ideas to the table to help prevent communists from gaining power.

3. I am economically liberatarian and am very nationalistic. I am willing to work with people as long as they aren't communists

2018-05-12 05:35:09 UTC [Red Storm #customs]  

I found it in the RWU server

2018-05-12 05:35:29 UTC [Red Storm #customs]  

and I don't know who is most effective to vote for yet, since I only got politically active very recently

2018-05-12 05:35:47 UTC [Red Storm #customs]  

so I am looking for online communities to help me with best preserving our culture using my vote

2018-05-12 05:39:00 UTC [Red Storm #customs]  

I think he's from the Dems?

2018-05-12 05:39:58 UTC [Red Storm #customs]  

And I heard that he supports gun control and plans on violating the 2nd amendment

2018-05-12 05:42:08 UTC [Red Storm #customs]  

I have to go soon since it's very late, and I am looking to join a few more servers before I leave for the night
I'll talk to you tomorrow if that's fine with you

2018-05-12 05:42:13 UTC [Red Storm #customs]  

and thank you a lot for the information!

2018-05-12 13:46:13 UTC [Red Storm #customs]  

what do you think of the Traditionalist Worker Party

2018-05-12 13:47:02 UTC [Red Storm #customs]  

it is sad that they seem to have shutted down

2018-05-15 02:37:52 UTC [Red Storm #customs]  



I looked at it. I came here from Right Rally

I am economically libertarian and socially conservative/authoritarian, and am somewhat interested in monarchism

I live in America right now, but I am of european descent

thank you

2018-08-05 04:47:20 UTC [EUrape #roles]  

Reactionary, Authoritarian

2018-08-05 04:47:36 UTC [EUrape #roles]  


2018-08-05 04:47:38 UTC [EUrape #roles]  


1. Political Ideology? 2. Age? 3. Country? 4. What got you into your current ideology? 5. What books have you read that helped you shape your worldview? 6. Define Fascism 7. Thoughts on Jews, Alt-Right, America, Fags, and Trump? 8. Who are your heros? 9. Religion? 10. Race? 11. Write a small bio of yourself, nothing incriminating, just enough so we know if you're a sperg or not. 12. Where did you get the invite to this server?
1. Social fascism, learning more about fascism and national socialism since I am new to this but would love to understand things better with your hlep
2. Over 20
3. America
4. Immigration crisis, economic crisis, basically how everything is fucked up
5. Doctrine of Fascism, 200 years together, Gulag Archipelago
6. Defense of natural truth and culture
7. Jews are overrepresented and have power over major institutions and are employing globalism and cultural marxism to undermine western culture and the white race, the alt-right is meh, fags are disgusting and should be hanged, Trump is meh
8. Mussolini, Franco, and Nietzche
9. Catholic but not too religious
10. White, I am Germanic
11. I was born in Germany and spent most of my life in America, and I started finding out about and understanding fascism a few months ago when a friend of mine recommended me to read Mussolini which I did despite having been told my entire life that he was a terrible person, and his writings are just very fascinating and relatable to me. That's sort of how I moved from the normal conservative right into fascism I guess.
12. I found the server invite on path of gods

Oh and I don't use G+

@Carpathid No but I can do it now

if that is needed

@Carpathid I am reading it right now

@Carpathid I juts finished

It is an amazing and concise work, I loved every moment of it

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