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What emails are they referring to? Is it related to the theory, or just a different scandal?

Why is every single pedo ring always named after pizza? I know pizza is like a code word, but I've heard of at least 3 others named pizza. Its getting a bit repetitive.

emojis with noses should be illegal

That looks more like a spaceship than a nose

illegal nose

Okay I'm sorta convinced

Its just way too many coincidences.

If this doesn't sound like a coverup, I don't know what does

Its very in-depth, I just wish the writer was able to post their findings on a site more well known.

Perhaps that would have lead to this case finally getting solved.

The gang theory really does seem like a coverup.

No evidence, and it gives "reasons" on why they can't say the thief's name

American Vagabond is the literal definition of a truther website, and I honestly doubt that they would lie to their already small audience There are some big name newspapers here, perhaps we can find some more evidence.

Wait wait wait, the cases of pizza gate and madeliene are connected?

Soldz, what's your opinion on the whole ordeal?

I wasn't expecting to really learn that much from going to this server, as I just joined for laughs, but jeez, everyone is actually productive and pretty understanding. I'm quite impressed.

Its sorta mean, but sometimes you have to be brutally honest or something

Wait, so is the video only about q, or is it about all the conspirathies?


oh no we got a troll

Where did everyone go?

Nah, I was just referring to the snail hunter lad

Honestly I think the server should be called a tad bit differently. The ice wall conspiracy has an awful reputation

mr good berries is in santa cruz?

mr good berries my lad your from santa cruz dont deny it

is he stalking us

the holy trinity






cause its epic


49 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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