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What's up 😄

Debating/discussing flat earth? haha

French fries are allegedly actually Belgian

That is, the concept was actually created in Belgium

Well, that makes more sense, actually

Because you can see the trouble it can cause

@The One & Only Yeah, but I'm not up for "debate" or anything like that

The best place for that would be on the FE 24/7 server, I think

Or its government, ha

You will always find people who are against it, though

No curvature, that's the thing that made me believe in it @The One & Only

Literally that

There is literally zero evidence of a curvature. We see things from a distance that we shouldn't see. And the Moon landing was a hoax. Those two things are enough for me to disbelieve the globe model

"Science" -- just go out and take a camera with a zoom and see what happens

According to the math we shouldn't be able to see certain things that are still visible

Meh, you can find all that stuff in beginners' pages/channels or whatever

@Ronin Outta curiosity, why do you dislike French people?

That's not what I said, I just said that there's reason enough to at least doubt the current model

I am very happy with my current belief lol but thanks

24 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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