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2018-03-02 01:24:15 UTC [Backup Server #joins]  

2018-06-23 01:07:26 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

thanks brother

2018-12-03 22:52:25 UTC [Subverse #new-member-alert]  

2018-12-03 23:04:56 UTC [Subverse #bot-commands]  


2019-02-02 04:20:13 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

2019-02-02 04:20:30 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

Howdy ho

2019-02-02 04:45:45 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

Your other chat has a gif that makes all mobile users crash

2019-02-02 05:32:01 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

Oh nice, thanks for the heads up I appreciate it

2019-02-08 22:24:58 UTC [Subverse #general]  

About time Joe had Tim on. I guess the 3rd times a charm

2019-02-08 22:25:46 UTC [Subverse #general]  

The first two times he was supposed to be on Rogan podcast didnt work out, so it's good to see him on one of the biggest podcast

2019-03-06 02:43:33 UTC [Ice Poseidon 2 #general]

Phineas raped Andy milonakis, he roofied him , then Paul and phineas took turns fucking grandma while documenting it all

2019-03-06 02:44:38 UTC [Ice Poseidon 2 #general]

2019-03-06 02:46:24 UTC [Ice Poseidon 2 #general]

3bz is selling this. Get your bids in quick

2019-03-06 02:47:22 UTC [Ice Poseidon 2 #general]

Yeah he had to put her there because she gets pretty ornery

2019-03-06 02:47:40 UTC [Ice Poseidon 2 #general]

Usually when they're younger they're docile this one is out of control

2019-03-06 02:48:56 UTC [Ice Poseidon 2 #general]


2019-03-06 02:49:39 UTC [Ice Poseidon 2 #general]

God damn SSJ was a nazi but now joined ISIS

2019-03-06 02:50:56 UTC [Ice Poseidon 2 #general]

Makes sense all those guys and Isis are kid fuckers ssj does like little boys

2019-03-06 02:51:16 UTC [Ice Poseidon 2 #general]

Elixir has never been the same since the week he woke up Paul

2019-03-06 02:51:52 UTC [Ice Poseidon 2 #general]


2019-03-06 02:52:07 UTC [Ice Poseidon 2 #general]

He does have a lot of passion you know that he wants to make that his career

2019-03-06 02:52:19 UTC [Ice Poseidon 2 #general]

He shouldn't have Role Models like ice Poseidon then

2019-03-06 03:11:44 UTC [Ice Poseidon 2 #general]

Phineas is gonna build a Russian bot next

2019-03-08 01:29:42 UTC [Ice Poseidon 2 #general]

You said four inch clit wrong

2019-03-08 01:30:18 UTC [Ice Poseidon 2 #general]

Mushroom ramen is for vegans

2019-03-08 01:31:12 UTC [Ice Poseidon 2 #general]

2019-03-17 20:58:51 UTC [Ice Poseidon 2 #general]

2019-03-17 21:00:01 UTC [Ice Poseidon 2 #general]

2019-03-17 21:01:08 UTC [Ice Poseidon 2 #general]  

You definitely got a warning scroll up and check the bot

2019-04-07 03:19:41 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]

2019-04-07 03:20:04 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

Yakub is the OG big brained nigga

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