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Kill niggers

Later pwussyboi

Nah I gotta go

Fucking niggers, I hate em

shut the fuck up idiot

what i do

also turn on dark mode you fucking inbred

sep really bout ugly as shit thats crazy

your mom thinks im cute pwussy boi

I really got fans @ ing me lol

I could beat anyone in this server in unarmed combat

nigga you bout gay as shit

lol fan


imma be real ion know who half these losers are lol

really just added anybody huh

@Joseph shut up virgin

All of you are below me as people

fuckin niggers, i hate em

Kill all coons


well yeah of course its a man where the titties at

aint got no titties

thats a child


you a pedo too?

I can tell


I can already tell your iq single digits

in the single digits


multiple numbers

shut the fuck up virgin

fuck is that thumb


Sep? More like fat


ip2? more like gay

I literally made this server whore

wonder what they're talking about


X inspired me to beat women

VC so cringe

holy fuck


niggas call me pussy but wont fuck me to prove it

lol i dont even have a dog more on

atleast i get a free dog out of it

dont care virgin


more on

i really got fans i here huh


@SepTheDepp lose my snap dude


2019-01-29 04:08:22 UTC [Ice Poseidon 2 #nsfw]


check <#537792349863149598> for a fun surprise

2019-01-29 04:10:00 UTC [Ice Poseidon 2 #nsfw]


2019-01-29 04:11:28 UTC [Ice Poseidon 2 #nsfw]



sticc shaves his arms


shut up cunt

I'm being censored???

I don't see it in the rules retard boy

dance for the snap

i saw it

ladies and gentlemen we got em

once again i am being attacked for presenting new ideas


hey zuckles remember that pic of sticc

he's telling people its you

thats craazy

yeah for sure

definitely two

nigga said buddy

only n word i know is noledge

wanna act like that on the internet but bet you wouldn't keep that energy irl

he doesn't get muted for spam but i do for sending two links!

this system is unjust!

whatever you say sticcboi

how you awkard irl like nigga just go outside

big time rush kinda slaps

fellow intellectual

shut up whore


mexico niggas be like jajajaja

dont care virgin

why do you @ me more on

? ok

@zuckleslover mmmm, horny... You look terrific. You look delicious. I wanna snack on you tonight, you're pretty around the mouth. I got admit something: I am getting hot around you... Just like the way your body looks... you're turning us all on around here, I'm going nuts. I wanna get in that... You know what I'm saying? You're looking hot... H-O-T, okay? Man, I've been walkin' around here and somethin' smells good I don't know if it's my burrito or your vagine but it's turnin' me on... I wanna get wet with you. I had to rub one out earlier thinkin' about you. You look real trim down there, real tight. Get me wet downtown. I can almost taste it right here in front of me. I wanna dine on you tonight. Table for two huh? Save me a bite. Good enough to eat I just wanna get in that! Man, you're sexy. Gettin' me horny! I was sittin' in my office thinkin' about tongue kissin' ya all night long. I wanna bury my bald head between those rolls! Naughty me... I wanna make a film of me and you... I wanna hop on top of you; and get goofy! You're turning me on... you get that? smooch smooch I wanna get my tongue everywhere in there. Okay? Pee on ya. Yeah I wanna get fuckin' dirty. Roll around in some trash with ya. You take care of yourself down there? You clean? ... I am gonna take you apart ... I'd pet you like a little cat. Mmmm. Gonna roll you around and tar and feather you. I wanna fuck you. I'm a married man, but I want you. I wanna give you a son. I'm not gonna use protection. But I'm very small. Listen, I can't maintain an erection, but I can cum. I'll perform oral on you, okay? I'm gonna do it slow, it's gonna take all night. And I don't ask for anything in return...

i want to grip your cock between my fingers. then im gonna start jerking it. slowly at first, but ill gradually increase the pace, until im going from ball to shaft in less than a millisecond. your cock will be glistening from the lube and from my spit, and ill have no problem swallowing every last drop of your cum. then its your turn to fuck me. dont tease me, just put it in and go to town. punish me. ive been a naughty boy and i deserve a naughty dick. cum in my ass, then eat it out and cumswap it back to me. then well kiss to finish off the magical night.

of course

im gonna grab your cock. But ill be choking it. Showing it, what it will be doing to me. I start with a few calm licks around the shaft, warming it up. Then my lips wrap around it, like its a juul. Gwak gwak gwak fills the empty silence in the air. Im ready. Down my throat i shove it. Im choking, i cant breath, but the show must go on. I must go above amd beyond, i must. I shove it even farther, its tickling my ribs. Even farther. I shove it into my lungs and you cum in my lungs. I punch myself in the stomach throwing up a mix of digested food, cum, and blood. Tasty i think. But i cant have all the fun. I grab your jaw open it, and force feed you the mix. You swallow it with pride and happiness. theres some

As we soothingly lay in bed I slide my hand down your thighs sending tingles and chills down your back. You squirm as I start to rub your clitoris. Your dripping and the thought of my hand entering your body, so I go inside, it’s warm, wet and wonderful. We make sweet love all night until the sun comes up, the room stinks of sweat and body odor, but that’s the price of love. We lay face up next to each other both exhausted from what had just happened, we fall asleep with a smile on our faces, the bed soaked but we don’t care and we sleep the day away.

slide my fur cock against yours and rubs them together while using your spit as lube, then i'd flip you over and start pounding your cheeks so hard that the box started to break apart freeing us. throwing you on the bed while my giant furcock is still inside of you i hear you orgasm and see your cummies land on the bed, i pull you back and spoon feed you your own cummies and proceed to make out with you

The exact moment I knew I was gay is when I first started watching SpongeBob. I didn't know what it was about him that made me want him so badly, but every time an episode came on my dick became rock solid. I knew I wanted to do more than merely watch this sponge. I wanted to fuck his tight little juicy asshole. For years, I dreamed of pounding him from behind and filling him with my cum and watching it drip out of his pores. However, no matter how many times I choked my chicken to the mere thought of him, my lust for this sexy succulent sea sponge could not be satisfied. I tried everything, body pillows, dolls, even hiring a prostitute to dress up in a SpongeBob costume and suck my cock. Nothing was good enough. So, I made it my number one goal to create a hyper-realistic SpongeBob sex doll, so my fantasies could finally be brought to life. No longer will those who also have a unquenchable thirst for Mr. SquarePants have to dream of releasing their sticky seed inside of his anal cavity, for they can now enjoy the real thing. But, creating this sex doll would not be an easy task, and this I knew. That's why I need your help to fund this Kickstarter. For donating $20, you get a T-shirt that says "I'm gay for SpongeBob SquarePants." For $40, you get the shirt and a coffee cup decorated with the finest SpongeBob rule 34. For $60, you get SpongeBob anal beads. For $100, you get a SpongeBob fleshlight that you can jizz in or whatever, plus all the other shit. Anything less than $20, and I'll just cum in a shoe box and mail it to your door, because fuck you I don't need your peasant change. I would like to make the world a better place with this SpongeBob sex doll, because I believe that everyone deserves the right to stick their dick in a fictional sponge from a kid's show.

now that all these losers are playing kingdom hearts anyone know where to get marine juan a

am i gay if id fuck c9 sneaky

is joe in this server?

Holy fucking shit. I want to bang XXXTENTACION so goddamn bad. I can't stand it anymore. Every time I go to his grave I get a massive erection. I've seen literally every rule 34 post there is of him online. My dreams are nothing but constant fucking sex with Jahseh. I'm sick of waking up every morning with six nuts in my boxers and knowing that those are nuts that should've been busted inside of Jahseh’s tight manhole. I want him to have my Jahbabies. Fuck, my fucking mom caught me with the neighbors monkey. I dressed him in my X Merch and went to fucking town. She hasn't said a word to me in 10 hours and I'm worried she's gonna take away my iPod. I might not ever get to listen to Moonlight ever again


get fucked virgin

i been active in here for 2 hours and i past yall lol catch up

thought i had meg blocked

better do it again

thats crazyyy


we're all good whore

please tell me that isn't you in your pic joseph

iq equal to the amount of chins

@Jerry shut yo skin tone chicken bone google chrome no home flip phone disowned ice cream cone garden gnome extra chromosome metronome dimmadome genome full blown monochrome student loan Indiana Jones overgrown flint stone x and y hormone friend zone sierra leone autozone head ass tf up

what happened?

its ok im nazi i give you a pass to do whatever you just did again

if you are under the age of 18 do not attempt to talk to me in any way, shape, or form
- Management

thanks for cracking the case sherlock

couldn't have done it without you

all girls on the internet are men and FBI operatives

josiff really the only other person in here with an iq above 50 thats crazyyy

meg you really are my biggest fan lol

physically of course


I'll pass!

very hard pass!

aint no one wanna see that 12 year old whale dawg

rip meg


god damn he's just fugly isn't he

sep btw


whoops🤭.. ehᵉʰᵉʰ.. dint know🤔 this was on 📸 ᵘᵘʰ ᵘʰ 𝐅𝐔𝐔𝐂𝐊❗️whats 𝚙𝚘𝚙𝚙𝚒𝚗𝚐 ᵘʰ AAUUGH😩huhᵘʰ😳.. whoaa its lit 🔥in here huh? ˢʰᵘᵘᵍʰʰᵘʰʰʰ fu𝐂𝐊😫its hot as 𝐅𝐔𝐂𝐊 in here☀️ take the hoodie👕 off nah keep it on its cute🥰 as fᵘᵘᵘᶜᵏ~😉

she’s 👉🏼😅in love 😍🥴with who ⁉️❔i am 👁😶 back 🔄👎🏼in high school 🤓🗿i used to🤷‍♀️⌚️ bus it 🚖🤣to the dance 🤸‍♂️🕺now i 🐡👣hit the ✊🏼🤛🏼 FBO✈️🛫 with duffels 👛💼 in my hands 👋🏼🤙🏼 i did half 😳🥶 a xan 💊 13 hours ⏱⏳ till i land 🥳🤭 had me out 😵😰 like a light 😴💡ayee 🤣🤪

Cum right now🍆💦
Cum inside my mouth, ayy 👄
Take off my blouse, ayy 👚
Fuck me on the couch, ayy 🛋
Kiss on my neck got me wet 💦
That big ol' dick on the bed 🛌
His dick is long as a leg 🦵
His hair red like trippie redd👨🏾‍🦰
Yuh, yuh, hickies all over my body👄

🦀 Sep hates me 🦀

Making a sandwich doesn’t make me a chef so why does giving my homie the vacuum seal double handed gwak gwak make me gay


Oh no people know your age!!!!


They got you now!!!!

If you are under the age of 18 you are a lesser person than me

Oh no what will I do now that sep hates me!!!!

I’m crying now thanks ctn

Bulleck hates me because he’s a small brain spic and doesn’t like himself

Dude has murder going on outside his house and he’s worried about other people on discord!

Supp tommy

Catastrophically horny

It’s a good one

Good night to tommy only




Fucking niggas

Nut in her braces call that putting my kids behind bars

I don’t think you’re stupid I think you’re 13

In that case yeah you’re fuckin retarded



18+ women with nice asses report to my dms

I’m 19 virgin

Suck my cock loser


Ask your mother!

Quit being mad fag!

Don’t cry it’s the internet!

Someone’s pissed huh

I can hear the tears in your messages

Stop crying bro

You’re mad about someone clowning you on the internet!


You’re so mad!

Fuckin niggas



Dude took a plea deal

100% snitch

He never gonna be able to set foot in Brooklyn again


Imagine snitching and still facing 47 years <:OMEGALUL:494994480689315842>

You can’t say people are pedos now

Sounds like something a pedo would do

Kill everyone browner than me

You are all below me as humans

I could defeat anyone in here in unarmed combat

My dick small

Pedos be gone

Imagine being under 18

Must suck



Fortnite <:haHAA:495080082747031553>

Treat the marshmello concert like it’s mandalay bay

Shut up nigger

No one cares cindy shut the fuck up holy shit

Kill the darkies



Women are the dumber weaker sex


Rate me


Sam pedo

Sam rapist


Epic gamer moment


Jahseh please bless me on this day

x really named his kid “gekyume” that’s wild



15 year old girls with ⛓🗡🖤 in their name after they found out x died


Nigga went xxxtinct


Fried pussy

@BLACK DR.PHIL want someone to play cs with?

2X damn tubby

Hi kat

Because they’re quality made boots

If you want nice shit you have to pay more money

Yeah they’re heavy so it’s easier to stomp a niggers brains in















Don’t care loser

Oi guv’nor so ye finaully found owt me secret eh?


Fuckin niggas

Shut up whore

i want to stroke and caress your soft beautiful face. i want to feel your strong boner in my left hand as we kiss with some compassion. I want it to be public too, maybe in a park or something. Freezing cold but we have each other for warmth. I want to feel you. and just you.

2,538 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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