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Hey so that's a person from our server that we don't condone him doing that

We told him to stop

Yeah I am from the server that it's advertising. We told him to stop alot

He won't listen to staff

To discord trust and safety

It's against the TOS


Yeah so report those messages to discord trust and safety so we can get his Alts banned alright?

Im an ice Poseidon 2 mod and I Fucking hate that nigger

His main account is white ape

So just report his messages

<a:SoftPussy:454459932889317386> <a:SoftPussy:454459932889317386> <a:SoftPussy:454459932889317386> <a:SoftPussy:454459932889317386> <a:SoftPussy:454459932889317386>


<a:gachiSPANK:449466059523883008> <a:gachiSPANK:449466059523883008>

<a:LeftLick:449418163184992276> <:boobs:495558647875895307> <a:RightLick:449418175667240960>

<a:Gay:487146935657037827> <a:Gay:487146935657037827> <a:Gay:487146935657037827> <a:Gay:487146935657037827> <a:Gay:487146935657037827> <a:Gay:487146935657037827> <a:Gay:487146935657037827> <a:Gay:487146935657037827>

<a:TRICHOMP3:524738112816021504> <a:TRICHOMP2:524738112706969610> <a:TRICHOMP4:524738112744718369>

<a:TRICHOMP3:524738112816021504> <a:TRICHOMP3:524738112816021504> <a:TRICHOMP3:524738112816021504> <a:TRICHOMP4:524738112744718369> <a:TRICHOMP2:524738112706969610> <a:TRICHOMP4:524738112744718369> <a:TRICHOMP4:524738112744718369> <a:TRICHOMP2:524738112706969610> <a:TRICHOMP4:524738112744718369>

<a:gachiSPANK:449466059523883008> <a:gachiSPANK:449466059523883008> <a:gachiSPANK:449466059523883008> <a:gachiSPANK:449466059523883008> <a:gachiSPANK:449466059523883008> <a:gachiSPANK:449466059523883008> <a:gachiSPANK:449466059523883008> <a:Suckdatdick:503398297327763456> <a:Suckdatdick:503398297327763456>


Hoe don't step on my raf simmons

Hate blacis


My pp hard

Send dick pics

Send pics of your assholes to my dms

Send pics of your assholes to my dms

Send pics of your assholes to my dms

Send pics of your assholes to my dms

Im trying to get assfucked

I'll send you my nudes

Wait how old are yiu

How old are you @Mart Shart




Liberal ice cream

Fuckin libtards


You probably took it up the ass

@SepTheDepp i fuckin knew it

<a:Gay:487146935657037827> <a:Gay:487146935657037827>

Oh yeah yeah

Whyd we nuke nsfw

There was some good shit in here

Why we nuke NSFW

Did we nuke the whole server?

Who promoted angel of downsyndrome

Hey nigger

What's good

That's weird but like in a good way bro


I'd boost the volume a lil on the hi hats personally

Listen here Jeremy

Ok scott

Eyes open


Same old hughes

Eating the deodorant again

Can you just not post furry beastiality scat watersports Gore or whatever that is here

Im gonna wash my hands


Anyone want some tap water?

Good morning ip2

I know 2 dutxh words

SEIG and heil

It's 745am

In in the united states of America



Jesus that took along time to find



Ight gotta go I got class


Oh yeah yeah

It's real

It's the class of 2019

Classes are 4 years

So it'd be the graduating class of 2019

Good morning ip2

Rise and shine potheads

What's up Meg

Just woke up

I'll post my sticc


<:35240050_10155360052662181_19652:479344310907568128> <:35240050_10155360052662181_19652:479344310907568128> <:35240050_10155360052662181_19652:479344310907568128> <:35240050_10155360052662181_19652:479344310907568128> <:35240050_10155360052662181_19652:479344310907568128> <:35240050_10155360052662181_19652:479344310907568128> <:35240050_10155360052662181_19652:479344310907568128> <:35240050_10155360052662181_19652:479344310907568128>

Oh yeah yeah

@Balga 90% of this server is gay it's not a big deal man

We all know your a homosapien


If sounds fun bc your gay

No it's only gay if the balls touch

Fuck is jpop

Sounds gay



There's bots here

This is why I was against mass invites. We only get degenerates

Assault and battery

Fun fact suicide is illegal

@Ctn do you shave your ass?

Normal razor?

You can finger my ass kat

Oh ok I got a gilette but im not gonna be having that for much longer after that dumbass ad

This my razor


Think it's a 6 blade

I was gonna replace it anyways

The ad just expidited it

It's a bad ad

What truth

People don't stand in their backyard's in line grilling repeating boys will be boys while watching their underaged fight club

Meg doesnt know about the glorydays then

Gillette sucks anyways

Gives me razor bumps

They're not good


A pack of 4 blades is 35USD

And they don't last long

Im getting a safety razor

Blades are 25cents

But the handle is Like 90

Yo where bullrck been? Did the secret police shoot him?

Life of Pablo a masterpiece dont @ me

It's an album

You retarr

Dick in my ass-septhedepp


We just got out of lockdown


Blueface is a pedo

Oh yeah yeah

Oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah

Im gonna build a PC

@cN FormerCB I used to be prescribed Adderall until it caused me to have depression and make me pissed off at everything

I take concerta now

@wizardlizard just ask someone who looks like a drug dealer for it. Seriously that works

I take 76MG daily

Yes of course you wouldn't be able to sleep it's a stimulant

Pussy then you don't do anything

Prescriptions don't count

What's ket

@wizardlizard I would stay away from Adderall if I were you. I'd get Ritalin instead. And yes, it helps focus

@cN FormerCB nigga I have hypertension you don't feel any different then you would without it stfu

Your not cool because you have flaws with your body

Jess Ritalin would help

Any stimulant would

Fuck even nicotine helps focus

In small doses

Weed in small doses


All helps with focus

How do I find a shrooms plug

Oh yeah yeah

Oh yeah yeah

Are those parts any good?

And is that a good price for what's in it


Good afternoon

Rename the server to SouljaCord 2

Rename the server to SouljaCord 2

Look at the logo

Aston Martin

Lasoga I think it's called

Lol he probably drives a Nissan versa or something

Overlord am I worthy

Show me your car



Post your car

If it's so great

What is ir

Oh shit alright

What do you have done to it?

This is my dream car there

F40 competition

Isn't that the new supra?

The cx9 is sexy tho

U ever drive the new Miata tho?

Yes I know what it is my aunt has one

How many miles is that

Ok suit yourself man

Censored it

You can get address from plates

And names

Ok suit yourself man

I just came too

Cum friends

Cum buddies


Good Morning Meg

@meg show Bobs and vegene

Spill that tea sis yassss

That's not tea libtard

Names are normal for me


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