Arhippa [bruised asshole]

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Oon homo ja mun kyrpรค on iha vitun pieni

Rape is not okay

I've been gay since I was 10

L8l what

Ur dad gay

Imagine not being ok w ur child being gay smh

Do u live at home

I mean

Idk why but my mom told me she wouldn't mind if I was gay ๐Ÿค”

No lmao

Ur a bad human @Buttplug

Are you gay though

I've liked a few guys

Mouth is a mouth though

But can you crush on them if ur not gay

She's thin af

I weigh much less than u

No its not @Balga

@Balga how tall are you and hm do u weigh

Thats cool

How old are you then

@Balga I doubt someome could find out who you are

Ok lol


@ambienty shut up thot

Lmao what

What the heck

Real glow up

Its just boobs lol

Why are you saying bye

Yall gay

Shut up eve

It's not illegal if no one knows

Adopt me too ihml

Join vag stalin

Not at eu times ig

Is cunt abo

Im gonna rape u @EOR bismuth

<:pepeRetard:495092608104792064> <:pepeRetard:495092608104792064>


Like what

Katy and @Panic!AtTheChipotle lets play naked twister

I Love monopoly

I love uno im a god

How do we play uno

Is that chrissy

I'l be ur bot


Lets play trivia in amlib guys

$10 bet go

Arent u in amlib's?

Shut up eve

Shut up

Loli is gay

Arab girl

Why dont i have egirl role

Tommy gimme drama queen

@Tommy Hagen yes cunt knows

U know im a girl

Im 15 weirdo

Dm me too

Same bro

Wtf is that a nigger

Who is it

@Tommy Hagen i want pink name<:pepeRetard:495092608104792064>


UwU @Tommy Hagen im only 15 fyi but i wont tell anyone ifuk what i mean heh

Ikr ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Hi ava

@EOR bismuth ur daughter gay af

11,349 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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