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2017-04-15 18:14:34 UTC [Anticom #general]  

fucking idiot antifa

2017-04-15 18:15:27 UTC [Anticom #general]  

antifa talk a lot of shit but when people fight back, they melt

2017-04-15 18:15:42 UTC [Anticom #general]  

they retreat and go on their bullhorns

2017-04-15 18:15:52 UTC [Anticom #general]  

VERY relevant

2017-04-15 18:16:13 UTC [Anticom #general]  

things we need: dedicated medics, dedicated communications, dedicated legal groups

2017-04-15 18:16:59 UTC [Anticom #general]  

weapons need to be concealable or dual-use

2017-04-15 18:17:22 UTC [Anticom #general]  

tips on gas masks: no glass lens, please. crappy israeli masks have glass lens. they will shatter

2017-04-15 18:17:43 UTC [Anticom #general]  

side filter for gas mask is best

2017-04-15 18:19:14 UTC [Anticom #general]  

they organize by "affinity group" or squad

2017-04-15 18:19:38 UTC [Anticom #general]  

yes it is

2017-04-15 18:19:56 UTC [Anticom #general]  

also all - be very secure in your online identities

2017-04-15 18:20:13 UTC [Anticom #general]  

they find out where you live, when SHTF, you get paid a visit

2017-04-15 18:20:36 UTC [Anticom #general]  


2017-04-15 18:20:43 UTC [Anticom #general]  

depends on state

2017-04-15 18:22:04 UTC [Anticom #general]  

notice when they chant, it's fast? they're nervous

2017-04-15 18:22:32 UTC [Anticom #general]  

slowing down your own chants is actually a way to overpower theirs

2017-04-15 18:23:34 UTC [Anticom #general]  

if there were ever a full on SHTF moment, cities would be blockaded fast. these antifa would be first to go - black ghettos would eat them alive

2017-04-15 18:24:41 UTC [Anticom #general]  

something to be said for self-segregation - they have isolated themselves in pockets on either coast.

2017-04-15 18:26:21 UTC [Anticom #general]  

lol at spartan hat guy

2017-04-29 01:20:00 UTC [Anticom #general]  

in case it hadn't been shared yet

2017-04-29 01:20:25 UTC [Anticom #general]  

_rolls eyes_

2017-04-29 01:20:49 UTC [Anticom #general]  

good lord do a whois if think is honeypot

2017-04-29 01:27:22 UTC [Anticom #general]  

good night kids

26 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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