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Just to let you know, vaccines are toxic, NASA are shills, Elon musk isn't real, space is fake, the earth is flat, communism is the enemy, gamers are oppressed, we live in a society, flat earthers are being mass murdered in China, roundheads will be shot on sight, GPS isn't real, the government is run by black trans Mexican gay Jewish lizards that own the illuminati, leftism, the new world order, the right wing are the enlightened ones, capitalist society is free, and the Holocaust never happened

It's gaming time friends

bECaUse YoUr EyEs HaVe a LimIt

It's called sarcasm

It's literally weak wit

How can you not spot that

I mean he kinda has a point but the earth ain't flat sis

But the earth isn't perfect sphere

The transgender idea is based on a thing called gender dysphoria,which i have

It's basically dissatisfaction and self hatred due to ones assigned sex.

That's your opinion, and even if it is, we tend to try to help people with them to get better.

You think you are oh so cool and funny, and the only person you hurt is yourself.

Big man with the default discord profile picture

Wow that hurts my feels, im crying rn omg

You really think being called gay makes my day worse lmfao

This is so sad

If I was triggered I'd prolly be goin off on you like reee

Im much calmer than you are, you seem to be the triggered one.

That's not to say I believe in flat earth, in just interested in why you think it's flat.

You don't even know that's true lol

So that looks like someone with DID

Looked more like DID than anything but okay

My 4g is probably gonna stop working around here.

Why did you do that

Can you not

Your in a memeulous video

Human sheeple

It's a joke

Like it's so obvious

In what world would they go back to the 1970s

It's very clearly a joke

If you think it's real you are dumb dumb

Why would they be playing Xbox in norway

Im seeing it Friday I think

Yeah but why would they be playing xbox

It's very funny and all

Giant antman

A marvel movie

Man looks about 80 in his PFP lmao

It's a joke jeez guys

I have torrent for the 100% real end gane

The intro is so cool, it reminds me of the intro to this Bethesda game

Do you know the bit I mean?

Where there's 3 guys in the cart

See he's joking

It was obvious

The entire time

No you are wrong the dragon born kills him

Jesus mate

Why are you believing this

64 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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