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>~> yes but no I have Xbox 1 but its not minr

The anime girl on girl stuff?

I read that there's a nsfw channel I need to ask to join?

There's two nsfw channels, but it doesn't look like this is a furry friendly nsfw

I don't know nothing bout it, 9/11 was planned by huey

Just don't look at it then >~>

Good, you wouldn't like the fluffy tails <~<

The rest of my gallery gallery is furry porn

2017-01-03 06:35:54 UTC [All Things Metal Gear #music]  


2017-01-03 06:38:04 UTC [All Things Metal Gear #music]  

I don't have a mic 0-0

2017-01-03 06:38:33 UTC [All Things Metal Gear #music]  

Headphones broke

2017-01-03 06:39:41 UTC [All Things Metal Gear #music]  

Venom isn't muted >~>

On what?

This channel is dead

And that's why you don't master bate in the toilet

First mgo game back in months on the 360 and its 3 infiltrators vs 3 enforcers with 5 granades each and demo 3 camping in their spawn not shooting a single bullet

It is in english

Just the enforcers

They never shot a bullet, never left spawn

There was no issue with the connection just a hail of granades on anyone that got close

I was hit in the head 7 times trying to get a fulten on one of the bastards

Its a I should've been a sniper problem on amber station

But yea

Fulten 3 plus petral bombs for them to land in when they get imediatly shot down

Wormholes are great when your not being constantly spawned on

@Drowzy all these flavors and you chose to be salty

Idk bout xbox1 but on 360 brazillans rule the game

10k hours of bounty hunter for a guy named Gothic black ll

I'm hungry

this is true chaos

2017-02-04 17:10:25 UTC [All Things Metal Gear #music]  

.music play

2017-02-04 17:12:42 UTC [All Things Metal Gear #music]  

.volume 100

I am the only 360 player?

The most dangerous snake

Metal gear solid, danger noodle

<@&223478591118245888> how do you deal with the hackers?

Wat if your back ups get corrupted


Gothic blacks account will be permanently banned for his bio stating he gave away his account

Checked the tos, it's a direct violation

Well...arguably indirect because he didn't sell/trade it

@Tech Talk @Jack Nutsack quit arguing

And Jacks blocked

Called a dude out for camping as ocelot with the rasp and his reply was I was use ing a modded quiet tho everything he said was included in her character, suprised m2000 (he called the silent weapons mod) and because I wasent running around like a headless chicken I was using silent sprint mods

He also said she was a walking e-locater because she has some of the same abilities as ocelot

This shots hilarious as fuck

Alright what happened to the NSFW-anything goes channel?

F.e6 bunny

You don't have that bot anymore?

Waiting for anyone to comment on this

You walked into boss appreciation day

Hmm... I'm the only one here on 360..... Guess its time 2 go

@WingedDoom I'm 20 and broke

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