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hello there!


PS1,2,3,4 vita, PC, xbox, xbox 360, NES N64 and gamecube

anyone here?


is this fan club active at alll?


why am i in the xbox 1 group?

its like the 1 console i dont have

<@&329308362191798274> change this please

to PS4

it asked me to post my consoles

so i did

and PS4

the console that it was built for




when i say console it was built for i meant i use this


i have alot

of metal gear stuff

i already had a PS4

i bought that one and had 2 PS4's for a while

tahst pretty good


i have soo much metal gear solid stuffi actually dont have shelfe room for it

the PS4 is my main conole tho use it for everything

you dont like metal gear and metal gear 2?

also you do realise theres 2 different versions of each

metal gear 1 for the msx and metal gear for the NES are completely digfferent games


the boss fight wasnt even a metal gear

it was a computer


also i have them for the NES, metal gear 1 and 2

i want it for the MSx

but to actually buy the MSX version its like $350

also the original metal gears didnt come to the US and europe till metal gear solid 3 subsistance

yeah my NES wond play the metal gears

i need a japanese NES to play them

i think im only missing ghost bable and twin snakes

yeah that sucks

because it was emulated


emulaters are always shit


aww dam

i wanna buy it and play it now

its like Β£50

for the game on the gamecube

thats pretty cheap

i want this!

its the premium package

rare as shit


where does it say 120?

oh you mean twin snakes


they all are

mgs 1,2,3,4

premium packages

are all in japanese

but its fine i have several versions of each game

the silver box? is that the premium package?

oh yeah i have them too

oh shit yeah the mhs 1 premium pack was released in the EU

it came with a different T-shirt

a pioster

and a memory card

heres my mgs 1 stuff


i think my rex is one of the best things i have

i also have all of the comics

yeah the silver box is the premium pack

i have the dog tags aswell...

maybe there was no difference between the japanese one and the EU one

ah then theres probrably no difference

daily reminder avoid the metal gear solid fan club, the admins all have autism

this group is dead

does this group have any active emembers? theres like 1 post a week....


an mgs chat that is actually active

this chat is daid i want rude just advertised a chat that is actually active

love spam in the morning

also this server is dead

This chat is dead

This server is dead

Dunno why I stay in it

92 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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