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good morning

eh i assume you must have saw my posts on the banned.video fb group

yeah once before

this is an old account

i was invited to another nootropic based discord server from reddit but they all were open Bernie bros and i left

and none of them had jobs so they had to be im high school lol

thats cool. i dont know enough people who talk about this stuff.

they're chew toys everywhere lol. they just dont always know it

i got this username from the aj show because alex said epstein has all these connections to israeli intelligence

yeah and maxwell his handler has connections to mossad as well

i cant remember her first name....elain or something like tjat

that is true. and its interesting to me how trump is so pro israel despite all that. i mean i understand israel has factions and they cant all be bad

thats true. and to be fair from a Christian perspective israel has a lot of significance in prophecy and we all know trump is taking that more seriously

im also American, up in the pnw hoping for greater idaho to happen

well we got 2, almost 3 counties approved it to go on the ballot

i think we have until august

but like brexit its a movement that goes to pop up every year until it happena

especially in oregon, gov kate brown is unbearable

guten morgan

its interesting though when you read in 1st and 2nd kings all the times israel obeyed and then turned away God. to worship other gods, follow the ways of the nations. which is a reference to all the child sacrifice and what not. just like Epstein was into

some are real jews, some of thw tribes have genetic markera. but not all.

i know there is a lot of debate over the ashkanazi jews

but judah, levi, and some others have genetoc markera

yes it is interesting, in my opinion the 2 houses of israel are the 2 prophets

ephraim and judah

i know alex jones thinks it elijah and another prophet im forgetting the name of

prophetically ephraim is the Christians and judah is thw jews. they become united in purpose. at least thats how i see it. but im a little biased as a Christian

and they will destroy all who appose them with fire that comes out of their mouths

what do you mean apocalyptic literature, as in the parts of the bible that deal with the apocalypse? the dead sea scrolls are amazing because it shows not much changed over thousands of years

in my opinion is definitely a god thinf

i actually know a guy.... a pastor that claims fire came out of his mouth which saved him and his daughter in south america on a missions trip

if it were anyone else i would think he was nuts. but i know this guy

ah you must be referring to the apocripha

most of it is deception in my opinion. most of it was written after the cannon of the bible. its a situation of pulling the meat off the bones. there is some good knowledge but much of it is kabbalic jewish mysticism, occult stuff.

you just have to be careful about what you choose to believe from them because it will contradict the divinity of christ in some cases

that is very true

and how all of solomons decendents became worshipers of other gods, going the way of the nations

which again is satanic sacrifices

you know thomas jefferson was into alchemy/occult and he was obsessed with king solomon and the temple. he thought every measurement was of some gametria significance

you too

anybody know what happened to the emdrive? it had so much media attention and it's just disappeared

mmmm im making some mac n cheese, spicy chili and steak

3 things

thank you. should be delicious

even if its mostly box/can food lol

ah sounds spicy

oh man speaking of jalapeno my wife tried to suprise me with some home made chili chocolate sauce with real chilis. but she didnt know it sticks around on your fingers. about an hr later she starts saying her face is burning and then it's her eyes and mouth. oh man it was pretty bad until we got milk on her face lol

does the wasabi and the horseradish heat go away with water?

yeah xD we used whipping cream on a paper towel

it works really fast

no it would not

and stupid me told her to wash her face with water when it started

which made it so much worse. so as shes trying not to cry im going to doctor google

yeup, so moral of the story milk works like a charm

she still wont go near chilis though

hmm maybe ill have to try that then

interesting. well im going to eat now so carry on soldier. bye for now

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