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Oh so ya'll like memes too

So I was reading some older messages and saw that ya'll played videogames.

Ya'll play PS4?


I play Nintendo Switch but offline

God I hate Bernie

Elon Musk is a nice fellow

Its the homie

Its the fake black person


Im The_EJGA345

Im a Puertorican Trump supporter, really rare to see republicans in Puerto Rico

Oh God

Bruh tf is a Xylo

I thought it was one of them genders

We dont reallt have a lot of lgbt in Puerto Rico

About 96 percent here are Christian and you know what the bible says about gays

What a handsome black fella

No homo tho

I hate how people look at me whenever I talk shit about democrats in my school

As if I was crazy or some shit

I've supported him since day oneπŸ™ŒπŸ½

I hope ya'll dont get offended by the N-word

I'm mixed btw

Im still AmericanπŸ˜–

I was born with that citizenship

Silence Simon

I am loyal to the US

I would die for freedom

Isnt thar enoughπŸ˜”


For the black guy

Im 15

I'll go to war for my dad

If thats the case

How old are you ?

God I feel young

So I'm the youngest here then

Call me EJ

You have seen my face

I have called you in videochat, once in school too

I read somw older messages and ya'll have a minecraft server

Can I please joinπŸ₯Ί

Is it java or in bedrock


But is it in bedrock edition tho, cause I only have mc in ps4

Cause I aint playing with my friends, dudes robbed half of my stuff

So what ya'll into

Apart from politics

I like playing Legend of Zelda on the switch

Shit good

I dont play online in switch tho

I dont have a subscribtion

Yall mess w anime?


It aint that bad


I watch a lot

But I aint the weird type of fan

I just watch it

Bruh you should watch JoJo

Real good shit

What can I say...

Im diverse

Its not gay😑


They just really flamboyant

Then you call me homophobic🀫

I dont watch gay porn bruh

Simon are we doing this here

Who is she

So, ya'll like sports?

You were doint excercise?

I do basketball

I like that Movie

Oh Greed

I thought you said Creed

You work in the fire dept?


How do you know if a girl is a thot?

Im tryina see if my homies girl is one, I want the best for him

Whats better sex or jacking off?

But jacking off is easier


Wrong pic

Well yes, but I didnt mean to send thar


I wanted to send this

How old are you?

I cant be the youngest here...




I am the leader of this chat now fools

And I

Am Quacksters_memez

Peace out my nigga✊🏽



Anime bitches😯

Damn so everyone here has a gf?


Fuck it

You too good for the hoes

That isnt simping



New tweet


What Protests, more like crimes


Then they kneel to the national anthem and shit

MLK was actually Republican

Bruh we really fighting for a picture

Bruh you just said the n word😳

I mean

Good thing Im Puertorican

I have to disagree

Equal rights equal fights

If the bitch hit me Im swinging back

If she got the balls to hit me she should have the balls to expect one back

Im mixed πŸ™€

πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ this is my color

But w black hair

Are you republican Obeseegg?

Yes or No?


I mean

I really dont care

It doesnt get on my nerves

I wouldnt post it in my memepage for sure

Do you have instagram?

Can you pls follow my memepage, I'll follow you back I swear


Thx for the follow

Playing Rainbow Six Siege

Motherfuckers here defending thugs

You are even worse than them for fucking helping them and defending them

This fucking pisses me off

Good thing I dont live in the US

I cant stand their opinions

If a nigga insults God in my face, square up motherfucker cause Im gonna swing

Puerto Rico

I know

But almost everybody os Christian, sadly most are Democrats

I just let him do his thing

Im watching the New York Giants against the Philadelphia Eagles

I finished school

All A`s on the bitch


Only good democrat

I wouldnt kneel


My sister was watching disney channel and they looped a BLM advertisement 20 times

I really dont care any more

Fuck these niggas up and get an ar 15

The military shouldnt be submissive to a cupple normal people

I only kneel to God

I wont post them cause sensitive people might unfollow

Hell nah

He said that if you dont know to vote for him or Trump you aint black

Plus hes a pedophile

The way he sniffs kids

I cant send videos

Hit her w a belt

Like my mom did yo me

Pokemon Emerald apk

Use an emulator for this


Its pokemon

What music do you like?

I like rock

Personally I love Guns n Roses

I think I know him

I dont like rap or hip hop

Whats your favorite band justin?

I have samsung

Pokemon Crystal

I lost my 3ds

Its somewhere around here

I love AC

Animal Crossing= AC

I like Bon Jovi, AcDc, Metallica, Queen,

My favorite is Guns n Roses

Not no

Ima practice basketball

Cute cat

Bruh moment


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