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Hey everyone

Nothing much. What are the political leanings of everyone here?

American nationalist

I think. Lol

How often do discussions/debates happen here?

Gotcha. What are your guys’ thoughts on tearing down statues and wanting to rename military bases?

Huh? They desecrated the steps of the Lincoln memorial but not the actual statue. What about like Robert E Lee?

Lincoln? Ha. Like that’ll ever happen. What are you thoughts on tearing down Robert E Lee?

Berlin Wall is also a piece of history.


Can you give a better argument besides it’s history? Just because someone is a historical figure doesn’t mean you should name a military base after them

Yes you do because the axiom you picked for defending the statues is just “it’s history”. But if hypothetically Germany had a “Hitler airforce base” that would be problematic. A very good response to your argument would be to just put the statues in a museum, and not glorifying them in public

For the record, I’m not in favor of tearing them down. And I wouldn’t disagree that the history behind them is an important reason to keep them. I just think that argument alone isn’t strong enough

Tearing down statues -> people forgetting about the evils of slavery -> second civil war. That’s a dictionary definition of a slippery slope fallacy.

We still learn about slavery/the civil war in school, and we would have them still in museums. The purpose of the statues is to admire and honor them, not to remember a nasty past.

Is everyone here Gen Z?

What do you want to bet that one year from now at the beginning of his second term he’s gonna be like:
“Nobody has done more to combat the systematic racial injustices against the black community, deliver reparations, tear down white supremacist monuments, and abolish policing as an institution!”


My grandma is pretty conservative but she’s the boomer kind. My parents are also but they aren’t politically active. But every once in a while they say something pretty based



Imagine still being an atheist in 2020

Naw, the people are great


Eh. I don’t know if that’s the majority of people. A lot of people are being quiet because if you speak out against blm now you’re a racist

It doesn’t matter who is racist or not anymore. It doesn’t matter how many statues get torn down. They will still hate you

And blacks my guy

A lot of black folks don’t like American heros. Hence the statue destroying

Right. And your point is...?


My guy, go look it up. They haven’t destroyed the Lincoln statue. They vandalized the steps up to the statue. They’re destroying Columbus, Washington, Jefferson, and others

There is an insidious hatred for our shared history coming from people who don’t share our values. Our country is becoming Balkanized

No you didn’t say that. You just said “Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves”. That had nothing to do with anything

That man has awoken his third eye hahah

We knew their resentment for America would eventually converge with the founders, but perhaps we didn’t anticipate it to be so fast. Statues of Washington and Jefferson fall from desecration’s and topplings, which are currently sweeping the nation with impunity. None will be spared from this cultural revolution. Who will stand in defense of our history? Those we elected to represent us remain either largely quiet or fully complicit in the manner. Monuments are important. You can tell a lot about a country by the people they choose to commemorate through its statues. If we’re too afraid to display statues of founders like Washington, Jefferson, and Caesar Rodney, then what message are we sending to the world? We are sending a message that we are a subjugated nation, and we have been one for a long time. In the poem “Ozymandias”, all that was left of a once mighty dynasty was a solemn statue of Ramses II. What will be left to remind the world that America once existed? Whatever the iconoclastic agitators decide to settle on.





CHAZ is a reflection of what will be - defunding the police. I think that when police are defunded in places like Detroit, Baltimore, or south side of Chicago, we are going to see a real positive change. With no more police, we can finally focus on community healing and invest more in social work, therapy, and homelessness. Now, with no police, all the gang bangers, drug cartels, and homicides would just go away because they won’t be oppressed any more, and Detroit, Baltimore, and the south side of Chicago will turn into little Wakandas

Tfw people actually believe that

Hey who claims it’s a bad idea to have a social worker try to approach a 6 ft 3 meth/fentanyl filled George Floyd who’s trying to use a counterfeit bill for the second time? I’m sure he just needs some therapy

Have you seen the video? He was yelling that and then the cop kept it up and George passed out. The cop killed him, there’s no denying that. Don’t be a fucking retard dude. But George sure wasn’t a hero

Egz read my comment you dummy

He want yelling it and then died automatically. He was yelling it and then stopped

If someone is slowly choking the life force out of you, you can still yell, just not for very long.

Are you fucking stupid? Do you know how choking someone out even works?

It’s not even disputable among literally anyone that that cop killed the dude

Egz did the guy have a knee on your neck? Literally everyone agrees with me you fucking retard. Everyone from anarchist communists to Neo Nazis. It’s literally just your stupid ass who thinks the cop didn’t kill him

The cop also had several examples of overstepping power. He shouldn’t have been a cop

But for you to automatically want to suck him off because he’s a cop shows how ideological your pathetic ass is

Lol come up with an argument bitch

Or go back to taking it in the ass from shitty cops

You literally responded with some quote. Lol

Right. Obvious that that cop shouldn’t have been a cop. He killed the guy.

But egz seems to think that it’s some conspiracy theory

Because he’s a retard

I have literally everything to back it up. The autopsy and video footage. The counter rests on you bitch

Yeah so do I bitch. Your word means nothing

Turns out there’s different degrees of choke holds, who would have thought?

Not an argument

Naw I’m done. This guy literally has nothing except for anecdotes and random quotes that have nothing to do with anything

Wow really cool my guy

I think we all know which side of the bell curve egz is on

“Every cop good” - every bootlicker ever

Huh? I’m not for acab. I’m a nationalist. But I’m also not a fucking retard and realize that not every cop is literally Jesus

Ha. You’re the one who automatically assumed it was a coverup even though it went against all pieces of evidence

Do you or do you not think that George Floyd could breathe and was faking it?

If you think that he was faking it, then for the autopsy report to say that he did in fact die of asphyxiation would mean it’s a cover up

Go read the report dumbass. It was asphyxiation.

You mean the family doctor?

Go read the big boy one

I never said he didn’t have a shot ton of drugs my guy

But the report said asphyxiation

So you’re admitting you think it’s a cover up?

You’re not very good at this you know

HAHA answer the question bitch



I love that the automatic boogey man is George. There’s one guy with an umbrella and it shows its George, but you neocucks all turn a blind eye when hundreds of blacks flood into Target or Verizon to loot

Ok then who is responsible?

You’re implying it’s a coverup. Which is exactly the thing I said you were doing but you got all bitchy in response. You’re proving my point

You ask me. You’re the one saying that the autopsy report lied and that someone provided bricks

I know about those dumbass. I just don’t think it’s one particular entity

Hahaha I think I’ve proven my point

When you’re in a better state of mind I want you to go back and look over our conversation. Hopefully you’ll then what I’m talking about

Yo based?


Not if you’re a woman

Adorable deplorable

Amanda get married. Stop having premarital sex.

What debate

How about this. One cannot live a life full of promiscuity and deviant behavior and call themselves a real conservative. What are you conserving at that point?

@$pider🕷 exactly. If you live a life just like the progressives what makes you any different

@$pider🕷 I haven’t been here for that long so i don’t know. I’m an American nationalist but it seems the majority of people here are quasi bertarians

@$pider🕷 quasi libertarians = libertarians with some conservative characteristics. People like Charlie Kirk or Ben Shapiro. Basically cringe

Remember, as JFK once said “don’t think what your country can do for you, think what your country can do for Israel “

@$pider🕷 hmm I haven’t done one for a while. I should redo mine

Hey here’s an idea. Anyone who has had premarital sex fucking repent

Repent and turn to Jesus Christ liberals

For real tho

Woman log off

Yeah I am a virgin because I’m not married yet

@Si King

@Markichr please just get married. It’s what’s best for you

@Markichr get married to your bf and then have lots of kids. Stop acting deviant in the meantime

#no eggs

@Markichr no you need at least 5 kids

@Markichr how about you just don’t sin at all, and then have a happy marriage

Yes you do

Have you ever read the Bible


The foundations of western civilization has been build upon Christian values and virtues. To actively undermine it makes one no better than the left

This is hard to explain because obviously you don’t have a moral code or you aren’t bound to it

You still are sinning

Doesn’t matter. Wait until after.


I know I don’t do it

But yo do realize there are different degrees of sexual immorality

Hahaha you’ve been watching too much John Oliver

It’s not healthy for you. It makes you feel like shit afterwards. You lose motivation

Are you a dude

Again this is difficult to explain because unless you abide by some higher hierarchical form of religious morality, I can’t explain this to you. But you don’t have a moral code to lean on

Just don’t call yourself a conservative call yourself a libertarian. You’re not conserving anything

Imagine supporting degeneracy

Or at least being complacent

Yeah that’s me.

Hahahahaha ah

No they are not

Why do you think conservatives are against government intervention.

Lol here’s my results


Not true but ok

Friendly reminder that 78% of slave ships were Jewish owned

Get out if you’re German

No. Just if you’re allegiance is towards Germany get out

Be proud of your heritage. But put your allegiance towards America

No, I was just saying if you’re allegiance is towards Germany then get out. If not then stay

Wait can I get a quick poll? Who here is still on the cringe hype train of Daily Wire/TPUSA?

Who me?


Jk girls can be in swimsuits lol

They just can’t have sex before marriage

Wait who thinks I’m a fascist?

Si don’t be a simp

I’m not a fascist I’m a paleo conservative

Because you all are simping

No egirls

Not even once


Haha of course you do because you love attention

Some girl struts into the conservative movement and suddenly all the dudes flock to her

Just a perfect example of why you should never ever date an egirl

Hahaa you guys dont realize it’ll be an actual race war

There’s three Antifa guys throwing molotovs while hundreds of black people swarm target

Yeah si we all saw that TPUSA video 👶


Hey can we get thot patrol down here?

Sure sure

Y’all actually be like this


I’m sure it had nothing to do with the fact he had piles of money

That’s what is men would call a long term investment


Oh but it is about skin color

Neocon pundits were all like, “you’re just destroying black businesses! Lol” and now blacks are like yeah hey you’re right. And now they’re going to white neighborhoods and looting there. So great job everyone, we really showed them

Good quote

Ha. Why would you think we would show our faces

That’s fucking gay as fuck Si

Ooh, our boy is off to die for Israel I see 🇮🇱

Thank you Si for being based

Nice pussy Kevin

You don’t want to die in Iran for Israel? That’s kinda anti Semitic bro


Let’s all eat some popcorn as we watch the left eat itself


@JustiN excuse me what?


Guys you do remember back in 2016 when Trump was actually cool instead of being Kushners puppet? Those were the days

I’m not worried about that. I just miss the days when I actually believed Trump would follow through with immigration

@Markichr it’s a matter of morals not preference. Although I guess that makes sense that it’s just preference to you since you don’t have a moral code you abide by

@Markichr you know what I mean

@Markichr when you’re divorced with 2 kids at 28 years old you’ll know what I mean

I was referring to the moral code

Birth control is ok as long as one knows to have a big family before the eggs dry up

If you can’t then adopt

Then why bother with birth control

Wait you’re saying this happened to you already?

No just have babies and you won’t worry about it as much

People be doing this and then wondering why our birth rates are down so much


Is there another reason besides pure selfishness that you don’t want kids?

Wait till you’re 30 and the eggs are dried up. You’ll be wishing then

So no, just pure selfishness. You’ll Ed your family lineage on a whim because you want more free time?

When you have a kid in your 30s the chance of the kid being mentally restarted guess up like threefold

Si you’re mom is a hero. Based

I mean that unironically

Aren’t you like 18? Wait a few before ripping your uterus out. Damn that’s barbaric and unnatural

Give it 10 years and you’ll be begging for a whole litter

Or you’ll be a miserable single wine aunt with a cat

Which happens with most women who don’t have children

The population is in peril. Bring in more children and just teach them the correct ways

@Si my guy I can’t tell if you’re someone I’d like to hang out with or someone who would shoot up a school

Ok just making sure my guy

Justin is a simp guys

Si wtf is wrong with you


No that’s me

Don’t do it

And Justin don’t be a simp

Justin you’re horny af I can tell


Si you’re not even that buff

Whatever my guy

Wow that’s really cool my guy

My man just admitted to being 5’4. Kudos

Si definitely brings 3 knives to school just to show them off

Hahahaha ofc

Si I’m sure isis checks under their beds at night for you

Better than being a simp

Kevin you Latino looking motherfucker lol

It’s funny cuz he’s 15 lmao


I’ll respect the uniform only if you die for our greatest ally Israel

Not in this day and age you won’t

Haha not if you go to the Middle East you won’t. You’ll be dying for our wonderful military industrial complex, Israel, and Saudi Arabia

I love our special interest groups

You sure do surround yourself with good influential people don’t you

Si before joining the military look up the clean break memo and the Afghanistan papers

Btw no it wasn’t her fault

This is just why women shouldn’t be online


It’s ok, go read some Edmund Burke and Pat Buchanan when you’re done with your libertarian phase.

We all go through it, but once you start to realize the importance of social cohesion brought about by Christian morality hopefully you change you’re mind

Yeah we can see that hahahaha

(((Pretty religious)))

Not enough to bang you before marriage

Yeah I doubt that

Kevin we get to shame you if you break gods laws sorry buddy

You guys are pretty shitty Catholics

Catholics in name only

Basically you’re still going to hell if you don’t repent

Well from what you say your boyfriend has done it makes sense that he feels guilty. He has a lot of confessing to do

Much easier to slink further into degeneracy than embrace gods light and blame the church

The priest is a judge in Zion enacting the will of god

On earth

You don’t worship the priest dummy

Priests are in the Bible dummy

You really have never read the Bible have you

Confessing =/= worship

Well you sure have a lot of assuming without reading the Bible

That comment is laughable on its own

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