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This looks fun

Oh shit a 3percenter fr ? I’d join but I think it would disqualify me for the cop thing



What photos?

Guys I found a liberal

I said their was 2 genders and this shit happend

I think I melted it

Communist bullshit 🛑- -🔫👮🏻‍♀️

My protective side and my vulnerable side



Feel free to do you’re art work you do so well

Jesus Christ my dude lmao


I think that’s as much face I can possibly give

My dude I ain’t sendin nudes


Very funny




I have different things with personality I’m sure you’ll find you’re self in on of the following characters

Do u guys see ur self in any of them

I think

I just like the Prosonas

I just thought I’d share it


I hope you guys don’t mind

I like that name


Competition is good

Bc u can be better then everyone else

yallgot mc?

just dont send lives 2 groups their in



I have a feeling I do

Cuz I’ve heard it b4


A movie or cartoon

What’s your political spectrums

Ok that’s halarious

Cuz I thought u were more right then me 🤣


Don’t tread on me


Ur political things can change u know

Also last I checked you’re not a antifa scum bag Kyle

So I’d recommend retaking that test lol

Sometimes their buggy

That’s lovely


All the bad in the world will die off-

What is a trans human

See the government is hiding aliens

I mean

Aye listen lgbt people can’t be right winged




The thirds bi

I’ll let u guess who that is

The gay ones like complete gay ones are alright they make less competition while also taking a dude down with em

That’s sometimes A thing

What vid

Wait what happend

No bro I didn’t see that shit

It sounds like one of thoes freak out vids from the cues you’re giving me


**cocks Glock-17**

**Loads while memorizing their face and location**


It’s pedo season

*Lambo revs in background**

**Gun shot** this is America



Why tf do people treat workers like that

Just ask to speak to managers

And yell at them

I’d ur gonna be a cunt

Like nah as a cop if I get called down

[email protected] arresting them

Just to ruin their day more

Idc about the extra paper work

I’ll do it

Just cuz guys like that piss me off

And girls

And trans

Ok what do we agree on

And disagree on

Abortion is ok if it’s not late term

That’s one ik someone’s gonna disagree on

Go on who is it


Good point

Oh duck u

Clown or shit fr

Idk what’s worst

Guns shouldn’t be regulated at all

Do u consider the plan B thing abortion

Cuz that’s What I mean by that I [email protected] specified

So like whe that sperm steps in to the tube

It dies from a pill

I think

Bc killing a sperm cell

And a fuckin baby

Are 2 dif things

The egg gets it it’s just nothing happends

I think ill look it up

It’s Ushually a last resort thing

And yes I’d it’s at cell level

No it stops the forming even if it intercepts

Long enough for the cell to just die

Its like abortion without the murder

It wouldn’t be able too

Stop giving me shit



How are u doing that

Lmao someone didn’t like that one

Ok nah are u serious or fuckn around



I thought it was funny lol just the type of shit I see on 4chan im not use to it in here lol


Stop homo

Homo what are you doing

You can have a lot of fun with words when you’re tired lmao

Hail our over lord

Blue power

Yes I just said that

Blue power


So guys

Im thinking

If a civil war happends

Should we form a Malitia

I’m cool with that


But I don’t go on it anymore

I’m best reached thru here

Ok I’ll join it

Do you have any around New Jersey

Where at

I’m near Princeton

Like right next to it

I thought u said New Jersey

Lol that’s ok

So what happends will it become active in civil war

I’m thinking police need protection but mostly shop owners need it when cops arnt ther e


So how does one get you know involved

My names josh

What’s youres

I like 3 percenters I’m hearing all these cops say theirs gonna be civil war

Like this YouTuber like officer 401

I never seen a cop almost about to cry b4 especially that hard ass

No this guy is a smart cop

He’s like a detective/street cop

I watch him to get better educated

And cuz he’s fun to watch really puts things in perspective

I like to watch how he communicates so I can learn from it

I can’t believe I’ll have a son in a fuckin war zone

Who woulda thought in 2016 this shit would happen


2016 is like 2005

It’s so fuckin far

How did we get so fuckt u


Kevin [email protected] might be gay you know

Yo that painting is the best

So in civil war in modern times

Would we be arrested for the blood shed

Like let’s say I shoot someone for wanting to be antifa

Maybe their not threatening

But I shoot them in the head 5 times

And mail their genitals to a black lives matter leader

Is that allows

Asking for a friend


U sayin I shouldn’t do that?

[email protected] making sure everything’s allowed

Ok ok I’ll try to actually type

So in a civil war right

Would we be arrested

For shooting at “peaceful protesters”

U know

For fun

Maybe they have guns maybe they don’t

Maybe it’s an ambush

Maybe we mail their heads to their leaders

A modern civil war seems so nuts

To think about

I think I’m asking how far can we go

If I see thoes creeps anywhere near me

I’m putting rounds in them idc

Tarrrorists are not allowed in this country

An what?


Stop how are u fuckin doin that


That’s how

U can’t hate on me I’m to nice


My middle finger


What’s up bro/brolete

All duckin day

It’s been porn college lectures and studies

Kevin 2030

Libertarian right for life

Same thing basically

Ur bias clouds you’re vision

I’d be worried dems are stupid

And vote

That’s gonna back fire

Still I’d like to think trump would win

Do it lol

Tell the government fuck u also I think trump is actually libertarian

He just doesn’t know it


Oh my god

You just killed us all

We’re gonna be suicided

Theirs only one thing left todo

Why do dogs do this

Yeah dogs do this a lot

Who’s the 3 percenter guy here

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