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Yes but only at local levels

Except for Clinton

Yeah I mean it wasnโ€™t immediate by the Democrats did lose seats as a result of the civil rights act

The southern democratic senators in 1964 were against civil rights act

So it didnโ€™t happen immediately

White people benefit from welfare as well

LBJ the man who made Medicaid was in favor of the civil rights act and against keeping black ppl on plantation

Thank you KTB

I mean it wasnโ€™t immediate but I definitely happened

Completely agree they ransacked the capital

No chance

No evidence of voter fraud

The republicans are turning on trump

Where did u here that

Like no evidence

Thatโ€™s false

I will show u

Do a simple google search Nevada has 1,827,000 registered voters and there were 1,403,000 votes

I mean not on crack just used google

Thatโ€™s from Nevada department of elections

Whatโ€™s more official than that

To be clear u believe some idiot on Instagram over the Nevada department of the elections

Ok answer to my facts

Where did u find that though if no one was there as u said how would u know that

Ok where is the evidence

Yโ€™all lost 65 court cases I donโ€™t wanna hear it

I will show me the evidence first

Two Supreme Court cases were heard by a 6-3 Republican court of which trump appointed 1/3 justices trumo lost both

Bro u lost 65 cases

Not all of them were thrown out

Yโ€™all lost itโ€™s settled the senate even voted against it

How did dems commit treason

They didnโ€™t alter votes

Look it up

Trumo is the one who committed treason with Ukraine

Trump tried to overturn election

Thy Didint

News from OAN doesnโ€™t count like itโ€™s conspiracy theories and fake

They didnโ€™t find ballots in trash loook it up fact-check

Ballots were spoiled

Stop with middle finger and tell me why Iโ€™m wrong

This a joke right

Ok 65 court cases on my side zero on urs the senate on. My side u have like 7 senators

The trump cult can stop know donโ€™t call me an idiot while I listen to conspiracy fake news website trump lost the president even knows it

Facts over feelings ur just wrong

Like look at the facts

Middle finger dosent change facts

it will not I donโ€™t understand u ppl

U guys have no facts or evidence

We did this last night OAN news isnโ€™t evidence


QANON is white supremacy and conspiracy cult

all u do is give ppl the finger and call ppl russians or say there on crack

that pic looks fake

I respected other ppls veiws thought yโ€™all was open to debate

Yeah very possible

56 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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