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I got some dumb mother fuckers working for me...


not sure man

yo what was that potion you guys were talking about? like stam, mag and inervation?

i finally listened to you @JDMOONAN and went 5 heavy in here!


xevenex over here in stormhaven hard casting frags....good to see hes still shit

Democrats identify Joe Biden (44%) as the candidate they think has the best chance of beating Trump, followed by Bernie Sanders at 19% and Michael Bloomberg at 10%. Meanwhile, Democrats are most likely to name Sanders (28%) as the candidate who is closest to them on the issues, followed by Biden (20%) and Elizabeth Warren (16%).

so dank came back in game today adn i sent him an invite to the discord


yo @JDMOONAN, The chicoms admitted about lieing about coronavirus being from bats. You still think they telling the truth about the numbers?

the fuck is erryone


Yeah fuck all the media

All ducking liars

Quack quack

@Miller sup fag

Tomorrow boo

24 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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