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isnt this general

not debate

well that is a very debatable take

whats your source

tf is mimal

but the party switch did happen

excuse me?

you do understand thats racist correct?

thank you

i have know idea where abe the babe or that guyt hat just typed came from


but i do know i follow adorable deplorable


i completely agree

are you gonna respond?

yea youre probably right

im doing pretty good

what about you

I'm a little disappointed in my party after the capital riots though

i expected better


i see you didnt appreciate K.T.B.s advice


you replied to it


ill never understand how people can talk about peace and working together but say things that are so divisive

are yall serious

ok as a republican you are very wrong

biden won

buddy you sound like china

so what do you believe

dont you listen to oan

tf does epstein have to do with this election

they also said that trump should admit defeat and stop being a sore loser


thats trump

buddy ima republican

seeing a whole feelings

with that middlefinger

how immature can yall be like poop emojis middle finger and throwing up

are you so incompetent that you can cant form words

thank you for proving my point

get off the crack

Answer his points you incompetent 5 year old

Stop trying to silence him

Can you read

Wheres the reply

The emojis? grow the fuck up

Hm remember when you said you have no friends i now understand why

You're actually mentally unwell

I said you haven't replied

The only thing you have done is reply with emojis

Nice tagged yourself

Bull shit

WHERE ss and send

Dubz said this

No reply

Bull shit

Right there

Swamp replied


No reply

Get your eyes checked


That was like 30 min before

Do u know what a reply is

It comes after a point has been made

So explain to me how he could reply before reading the points

Yea stfu and read for once

Well Kevin the wise is in capable of reading and comprehending a basic message

All they can do is swear and use emojis

Yes exactly thank you

I dont see how hard it is to string together an actual point

Again proving my point all you do is swear

And make no points

Your points were ๐Ÿ’ฉ๐Ÿคฌ๐Ÿ–•๐Ÿคฎ๐Ÿคก

Swamp talked

But you're not swamp

Swamps points were idiotic at best

Your evidence came from a Instagram article



Kevin tho

Buddy nice source

No i didn't

How many ballots

Who published

Send the actual link

Voting fraud

And how they can't accept bidens win

Where's the source from wheres the link

There was voting fraud probably always will be but its not wide spread

Finding 1 vote for biden and 1 for trump in the trash at 2/50 states ain't gonna shit

Now Kevin

424 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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